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November 2nd

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013



I had some technical difficulties yesterday and the Daily Reminder did not get sent.  I think that was probably good as it was probably a too personal rant from a pretty disconnected place.  The issue is still up for me as I had walked away from a situation that I felt there was no solution within the context of the interaction.  This has caused someone else to be very upset with me.  I don’t want to upset this person, but I could not see any other way through.
“Good morning my love.  You are understanding that it does not serve anyone to stay in situations that don’t feel productive or loving.  Sometimes this means removing yourself from those situations causing some temporary friction.  This is not about being uncaring or unsupportive. On the contrary, it is about disengaging from the dysfunctional to focus on what is functional – creating the life you want. This makes room for more love and harmony.  Move into this place now.  Feel the excitement of the potential of what is possible to create – from this place.  Sometimes loving means saying no.    




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BBC Interview

Friday, September 13th, 2013

The night I got out of Lyons after the flood, my phone rang and a woman with a British accent said, “hello, this is the BBC calling, are you with the Town of Lyons?”  I was in a bit of shock, but after talking with her for a few minutes, we made a plan for me to do a skype interview with them and upload the flood footage I took.  Here is the interview:


Engineered Versus Natural – the GM Food Question

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Engineered Versus Natural – the GM Food Question

By Diane Dandeneau

This opinion is in response to the articles by Steve Wratten and Kayann Short in the Lyons Recorder on the question of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods.  I highly respect both of them as they share their views from their experience and perspectives and their belief that they are for the highest good.  As I share my perspective and beliefs, I am not going to site any scientific studies, as they are not necessary, and in fact distract from what I want us to consider.

On October 18th, the Town of Lyons had a workshop with John Todd Ecological Designs on “ecological” wastewater treatment plants.  The purpose of this presentation was to introduce this concept to the town to consider as an option to implement into our wastewater treatment system over just using traditional industrial treatment processes.  I mention this here as I was reminded that this system relies on biodiversity to operate.  This design utilizes beautiful natural ecological systems such as plants and living organisms that use waste as food, and then recycles it into safe clean water and many resources for re-use.  The bottom line is it uses natural systems to work.

I hold a deep-felt belief that GMO’s are not the direction that we want to go in for our food system.  I believe this because no matter what, it can not be proven safe or not – as it is impossible to completely understand what will happen once this technology is out into the world, but more so that it is not a natural system.  The earth has naturally evolved in a way that uses biodiversity to support life.  Humans have focused on reducing to biodiversity in our food production causing problems that we are now trying to remedy with GMO’s instead of looking at the source cause and using our greatest resources.

We must use solutions that work with nature instead of battle with it.

When I bring up this concept, what I usually hear from those in the industrial food camp is that this is unrealistic. I agree that it is not an easy problem to solve – as we have created a monster. But, the question really is a larger one.  Do we continue down the path of short-term growth and profit being the focus? Or do we focus on quality of life, humane practices, and the long-term health of the system that we live in?

I hold the perspective and belief that if we are to survive as a species, we must reconnect with our deeper wisdom, and re-partner with nature and the biodiversity that has created us in the first place.  We are playing roulette as we tamper with our food system and are truly risking life on earth.

I believe that if more people could see the imperativeness of this perspective (look beyond profit) and we paid our brilliant scientist and engineers (like Steve Wratten) to focus on understanding how we can partner with nature versus focusing on how we can re-engineer it, we can solve our problems in a truly sustainable manner.

Please Reinvent the Wheel

Monday, June 27th, 2011

I just got an email about a group called Strategies for Sustainability Working Group that is working to document and share sustainability ideas across the Colorado Front Range. I skimmed through their Powerpoint looking at their objectives and the number one thing on their list was:

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

This really struck me in a different way today. Now, I have been working in business and on sustainability issues for many years and have worked on making programs that could be scaled. There is a great cost and time savings when you can build something once and use it many times. McDonalds has made billions on this concept – but the product is not what I could call exceptional (or healthy). But what struck me today and what I have been realizing is that we have traded time and money savings for creativity, invention and quality. I have seen over and over where the money for sustainability projects has gone into top-down government run programs, but they aren’t really inspiring the public and have not been very successful. I have also been involved in local community inspired initiatives and seen amazing things happen.

What I would like to see is for the leadership to set some objectives – energy or carbon savings goals, then provide the resources to the local communities who need to meet those goals. Then ask them to create what would work in their community. I think it is vital to share with each other what others are doing, as knowledge is power. But, I believe that inspiring and supporting creativity is the answer. People want to solve problems and be part of the solutions for their own lives. We can’t keep doing things the way we have been doing them. So please, reinvent the wheel!

Fly Baby Fly Music Video

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

I have finally put all the pieces together from my documentation of “Goldie”, the golden eaglet that grew up in Meadow Park last year. The music is from my new CD: What Would You Do if You Knew You Were God?. The Filming is from my April 16th CD Release Concert and Art Show and from Meadow Park. Photos from many wonderful photographers. Please leave your comments!

The Shuttle Song

Monday, May 16th, 2011

I wrote this song a few years ago as a commentary on the debate about climate change and protecting our environment.  Now that the Space Shuttle program is being retired, I hope that we can use this opportunity to shift the conversation to focus on protecting our only home. Listen here:  Shuttle Song.  This song is from my CD:  What Would You Do if You Knew You Were God?.  Below are the lyrics.

Don’t retire the shuttle yet, we’ve got somewhere to go
We have got to find ourselves another home
For we’re using up this one as fast as we can
And we don’t seem to have ourselves another plan

Why do we think we need so much?
Did happiness come with all this stuff?

Fly me home, is there somewhere else that I would rather roam?
Fly me home, is there someplace better to call home?

So now I am asking, would you mind sharin’ a bit
I think we can find a way to resolve this
For I believe we’re smart enough to make it be alright
It’ll just take the left hand working with the right

So why are we fighting over stuff?
Don’t we know that all we really want is love?


Please retire the shuttle, there’s nowhere else I want go.
Let’s keep all those scientists workin’ here at home
For we have Mother Nature, the water, earth and sun
And she will teach us how to live with everyone

Then we will remember who we are
A part of everything and made of the stars


Don’t retire the shuttle yet, we’ve one more trip to make
We need a photo of our home, from outer space

For when we look at everything together all at once
We will see the truth that we’re all part of one
We will see the truth that we are part of one
We will see the truth….

Then Fly me home, there is nowhere else that I would rather roam
Fly me home, there is no place better to call home

Diane Dandeneau, lead vocals, 6-string guitar;  Erin Schey, background vocals; Tyler Grant, 6-string guitar, mandolin; Brian Schey, bass, background vocals, tambourine; Brian McRae, drums and percussion

4-26-11 Eagle Update

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

The Meadow Park golden eagles are on eggs – correction –  I just heard some chicks!   Here are some photos from my Friend John Mattera from NY.

Photo by John Mattera

Photo by John Mattera

Photo by John Mattera

Photo by John Mattera

Photo by John Mattera

Eagle Update 4-1-2011

Friday, April 1st, 2011

We have incubating eagles!  Mom and dad from last year are back.  I believe they laid their eggs about 2 weeks ago, which would make them have chicks in about a month.  Today they were flying in and out of the nest bringing sticks and more grass.  My new friend John from NY is here and taking photos, so we will have some soon.

Please check out the photos of Goldie, last year’s fledgling on Goldies page:


Eagle Update 11-22-2010

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I can see that my life is going to continue to be distracted by eagles.  As I was driving by, I saw an eagle fly into Meadow Park and land on the cliff, so I went home and got my binoculars.  I came back to the park and walked into the field on this beautiful snowy morning and saw that the eagle had landed in the nest.  It was standing with it’s back to me preening.  From what I could see, I think it was an adult, but could not tell if it was Goldie’s mother or father.  I had to leave before it flew off, so could not get a better view.  I love living in Lyons!

Goldie Update 11-2-2010

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I just saw Goldie (the fledgling golden eagle) out on my run this morning! I heard a hawk screech, looked up and saw Goldie flying right toward me with the hawk harassing her. She did two barrel rolls to fend off her attacker, then landed on the ridge right above my head and looked right at me! We had a wonderful reunion on this beautiful morning!

Awakening and the Economy

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The more I am awakening and remembering who I am, the more I am seeing that the structure of our society is made up of illusional needs and desires.  Our entire economic structures are based on us wanting more, and filling our selves with things instead of grace.  As more people awaken, values change.  Health and well-being no longer just mean more stuff, but the stuff that enhances health, joy,  and creativity, and nurtures our selves and each other. (more…)

Goldie Update 8-8-2010

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

I just hiked up Antelope Trail in Hall Ranch in Lyons and heard a sound that sounded familiar, when I realized it was Goldie!  I then watched her flying below Indian Lookout Ridge (the ridge with the Cross on top so the South of Antelope trail).  She was sitting with her dad, then took off and circled up and up over my head where I could see her markings – yelping all whole time!  She then tucked her wings and flew to the west, then turned around and flew back to the ridge, like she was just practicing.

Goldie Growing Up

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Here is a link to a page I created with photos from a great group of people that shows Goldie as a tiny chick, and then growing into a beautiful fledgling.  Enjoy!


Goldie Learning to Fly 8-02-2010

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Today was a great day for Eagle Watchers. Goldie flew at least twice with many of her fans watching. My friend Jonathan Stacey came out and told me more about her and eagles. One thing I learned is that eagles “yelp”, not squawk, as I have writing. This video is great for hearing her yelping for her parents, and then flying across the cliff. Please comment and let me know what you think.

Goldie Around the Park 8-01-2010

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

This baby golden eagle has really caught the attention of many people. Today I ran into Fransisco who I had met at the park before and was very excited to learn about Goldie. It was a joy to see him sharing his enthusiasm with his family and friends as they passed around my binoculars.