Keynote Talk, Workshop, Program and (Upcoming Book)

  with Diane Dandeneau

Discover the secret that all great artists know, and become
the master of creating the extraordinary and even the impossible.
Learn the 7 Keys for becoming a creative master:

  1. Expand your mindset around your identity and your potential.
  2. See the important difference between ordinary success and extraordinary success, and why we should not settle.
  3. Find the keys to unlimited time and energy.
  4. Let go of the greatest block to success.
  5. Discover the number one difference between people who are successful and those who aren’t, and how to instantly implement that change.
  6. How to live your inspired vision!
  7. Becoming the master of your creativity and life!



Through music, story, teaching, and art, your group will enter the zone of creative mastery with life-long artist and entrepreneur, Diane Dandeneau.  Your audience will be inspired to step into their own creative mastery to discover the power they possess to contribute to life at a higher level than ever before.



The Art of Extraordinary Success – Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery is offered as:

  • A 30 Minute to 90 Minute Keynote with Original Inspirational Music
  • Two to Six-Hour Workshop
  • 8 Week Online Program
  • Upcoming Book


Our speaker is an inspirational leader and the author of Journey to the Soul, Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling and the upcoming books: The Art of Extraordinary Success, and The Year of Awakening.  She is a speaker, singer/ songwriter, internationally collected artist, author, activist, serial entrepreneur, teacher and coach. She has her book, CD, and information on her programs available for those who would like to experience more of her work.

Today, she will share some original inspirational music with her talk:  The Art of Extraordinary Success – How to Live in the Zone of Creative Mastery.  Please welcome, Diane Dandeneau.

Link to the PDF: Art of Extraordinary Success – Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery

To book Diane please call:  303-552-7468 or email  Contact her HERE

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