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Speaker, Author, Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Teacher, Coach, and Activist

I am a teacher, but not THE teacher. The teacher lives within you. I am just a fellow student on the journey and am only sharing the truth of who I am and what I have learned about what and whom we are, and how I discovered this. I’m sharing my experiences of connecting to THE Teacher so you too can find your greatest teacher and discover who you are and why you are here.

The main thing I have learned is that we don’t have to awaken to know God. God is here to help you awaken.  This has been the miraculous realization that has changed my life forever.

If you are seeking a connection to the Divine and wish to learn ways to enhance and explore that connection, then you may be in the right place.  I look forward to supporting you in your quest.

Diane Dandeneau

“I have known Diane to be a talented and dedicated fine artist, smart and hard-working businesswoman, creative songwriter and musician, avid outdoors person, and intrepid, passionate, courageous traveler of heart and spirit. When I began spiritual coaching sessions with her, I entered expecting a pleasant meditation and gentle spiritual support. What I experienced was a profound and deep connection to Spirit. Diane draws deeply from her well of compassion, wisdom, experience and intuition to help draw out our inner Guide, supporting us to live our authentic lives, and be our true Selves.”
Cathy Rivers

Diane Dandeneau is a renaissance woman. She has many interests, accomplishments, and roles in life–all of which have led her to her latest incarnation as a spiritual teacher.  She now teaches people to hear and follow Divine Guidance to find and fulfill their Soul’s mission.

As a lifelong artist who follows a deeper calling, Diane explores and paints sacred place from around the world. With an interest in service and creating a better world, she has worked to create practical business solutions with software, renewable energy, and environmental education. Her deep calling to understand and connect to her greatest purpose in life led her to focus on her spiritual path. In doing so, she was astonished to find she was channeling the greatest teacher of all.

Since 2002, Diane has received over a thousand messages, teachings, and songs that have led to her awakening. She is now sharing her gifts as a teacher with the ability to lead others to similar experiences of spiritual connection through music, art, writing, transformational coaching and workshops. With this work she is answering the question:  “What would you do if you knew you were God?”


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“I work with people that inspire me – artists, social and environmental leaders, musicians, healers, psychics, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is called to follow their hearts to express themselves creatively and make a difference in the world.  Since I have walked these realms, I feel that I can offer reflection and support to those who want to connect at deeper levels, align with at their highest potential and realize their greatest dreams.” (Diane Dandeneau)