Journey to the Soul, 30-Day Journaling Challenge
Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling

There is something that once you know it… changes everything.

That something is who you truly are.

 Many people are searching for a sense of place and peace with who they are or are wondering what they should be doing in this life. This book will teach you practical techniques for connecting to the source of your soul. These techniques will not only help you to connect but also give you access to the truth of who you are and discover what you truly want to do in this life.

Here is an invitation. An invitation to know

who you truly are.

From the book: Journey to the Soul – Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling

Journey to the Soul, 30-Day Journaling Challenge is focused on creating and honing a personal introspective/ contemplative practice for strengthening your personal foundation of self knowledge, clarity of purpose, confidence, and creativity, through connecting with the Divine (God). 

This program is focused on empowering you as the creator of your life, discovering and/or committing to what you want to create now, and learning how to do it with maximum power, enthusiasm, focus, and passion. It will teach you how to shift your level of consciousness and create from a new perspective, which will give you exponential power to create what you want and become extraordinarily successful.

It is based on my book, Journey to the Soul, Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling. It is about a personal relationship with the Divine, which I call God. This God is not of any religion or faith, but the God of truth and love, who lives within all of us. It has been through an introspective practice of meditation and journaling that I have discovered the truth of who I am, and the intrinsic power I have to create a successful and satisfying life.

I have taught thousands of people these practices, and I believe that if you are committed to finding the power that lives within you, you will find it through this process.

Imagine – in just 30-days you will be living with Divine Guidance and the clarity and knowledge of what you need to do in every moment of every day to create the magnificent life you desire!

Do you seek to live a Divinely guided life, but seem to be stuck in lack, doubt, and dissatisfaction? Are you praying to God, journaling, looking for signs, but feel lost and unsure?

Diane Dandeneau

Diane Dandeneau

If this is you, you are not alone.  Our culture and most religions don’t talk about getting the answers – receiving direct guidance from God.  Our culture sets out rules that were devised by man or Divinely declared thousands of years ago that we are to follow and are told that if we follow them we will be happy.  But, are we?

I started writing with God and getting the answers because I was tired of the world as it was – as I saw it. I knew there had to be another way, and so I yelled at the Universe, “what do you what to do”? To my surprise, I heard an answer. And I have continued this conversation to this day. The reality is that life on earth is still challenging. But through this experience I have found the most loving, wise, and compassionate being to join me on my journey. I am no longer alone. I still am learning, and yet, I am guided and given the awareness of the different levels of consciousness of my choices. They are still mine, but I’m supported in making them. This is awaking. This is the path that we are all on.

Imagine the wisest, most loving and caring mentor/teacher/parent/friend, listening and writing to you words of comfort, wisdom and love, exactly when and how you needed it. This is my experience with my Journals with God. I receive guidance and wisdom and love beyond anything I could imagine.

Learn how to talk to God AND get the Answers, with the 30-day Journaling Challenge.  You may have heard that the answers are within you, but very few people teach or know how to reliably access them.  This program teaches a powerful and effective process to discover the truth within each of us that everyone can do.

Join the Journey to the Soul, 30-Day Journaling Challenge self study program, to open the door to the Truth of your Soul. Learn a reliable process for hearing the Guidance of the Divine through writing.  These 30-days focus on healing and cultivating a practice for Living a Divinely Guided Life. This program Includes:

  • Daily emails with instruction, inspiration from the Journals with God
  • Links to a daily recorded guided meditations for learning, healing and awakening.
  • Journey to the Soul Workbook (PDF)
  • Access to the private online group to connect with others in the program
  • Journey to the Soul Audiobook with bonus songs: The Answers, and What Would You Do if You Knew You Were God, by Diane Dandeneau (mp3)

A $347.99 value for ONLY $97.00!

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  • I feel constant worry and fear.
  • It is difficult for me to make decisions and know what is right for me.
  • I find myself doing things that ultimately aren’t good for me.I keep seeking the next program, or spiritual person who can tell me what to do.
  • I’m not feeling in line with my purpose in life.
  • I’m struggling with lack and manifesting what I want.

  Do any of the following apply to you?

  • I meditate but I don’t seem to get beyond my mind chatter.
  • I am too busy to do the things I really want to do.
  • I often feel depressed, anxious or fearful about my life.
  • I’m struggling with money.
  • My relationships tend to be full of drama and conflict.
  • I am struggling with some self defeating habits or addictions that I can’t seem to shake.

 These symptoms and signs are very common in people who are living from an ego-driven mindset versus a God-realized mind.  The ego level of thinking is the prevalent level consciousness in our society. The reality is that living from the ego level of consciousness creates a life that reflects that level with its fears, lack, drama, and conflict.  People who aren’t connect to their Divine wisdom continue to blindly chase (or hide from) what is outside of them to fulfill the lack within.  People tend to live in the roller coaster of good things and bad things happening, and their level of happiness tied to the current external state, thus truly making them the victim and prisoner of the whims of the world. If you want to get off this roller coaster once and for all, I’m offering a training and experience that will introduce you to the Divine wisdom within you, and give you the experience of expanding into the infinite love of the Universe.


1.   How to hear your Divine Guidance and know that it the authentic voice of God, versus your ego.
2.  The 5 levels of consciousness and how to recognize where you are and how to easily shift it to your awakened Self.
3.   The Divine formula for connecting with, hearing, and living from your Soul.
4.   Experience the most powerful healing techniques which will remove the blocks to your greatest expression and creativity.
5.   The 3 Erroneous beliefs (lies) about our selves that undermine everything, and how to reclaim the truth.


1.  Know how to reliably hear and receive the guidance of your greatest teacher and discover what you need to know exactly when you need to know it.
2.  Heal the past and remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck with the assistance, safety and love of God.
3.  Discover and know the Truth of your Soul and what you have really come to do.
4. Experience the peace that passeth all understanding as you move into knowing who you are and the Source of everything.
5. Have specific knowledge about what you need to do to create the life you have come to live NOW.
6. Know your true Self, to a level like never before.

It Starts with a Decision: This program is for those who are ready to make the decision to live from the truth of their Soul.  It is for those who are tired of being in pain, or lack, or feel disconnected from what they should be doing in this life.  Once the decision is made, it becomes easy, as you will be shown a daily practice that will open the door to the Divine truth within you.  God has said to be, “you only have two choice: the world or Me”.  I’m offering you the Divine version of living in the world.  This is not about moving to an Ashram, but recognizing that the Ashram lives within you.  You just need to make the decision to go there – and discover the infinite joy and possibilities that are awaiting you.

Join the Journey to the Soul, 30-Day Journaling Challenge, to open the door to the Truth of your Soul. Learn a reliable process for hearing the Guidance of the Divine through writing.  These 30-days focus on healing and cultivating a practice for Living a Divinely Guided Life. This program Includes: Daily emails with instruction, inspiration from the Journals with God  

  • Links to a daily recorded guided meditations for learning, healing and awakening.Journey to the Soul Workbook (PDF)
  • Access to the private online group to connect with others in the program
  • Journey to the Soul Audiobook with bonus songs: The Answers, and What Would You Do if You Knew You Were God, by Diane Dandeneau (mp3)


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Others who have done this work have said:

– Laura Stout, Boulder, CO

“I was taken to a space that I knew was there but couldn’t figure out how to access – thank you for your guidance.
Annalise, Boulder, CO

Thank you for giving me the confidence to journal from my Source – the Source for all of us.
– Ingrid, Boulder, CO

I’ve managed to get our family debt free and we are embracing our new journey…  Everyday I think about how grateful I am to have had you teach me this way of life.  It is such a joy and I continue to attract more of the same.
– Christie, Denver, CO

In my life there are very few people’s advice and reflection I value more than Diane’s. As a spiritual teacher and guide, she is a pure channel. And, like all true spiritual teachers, she’s walked the hard path, visited the dark night of the soul, and learned from her trials along the way. She knows the territory. It is our good fortune that she delights in helping others walk their territory, discover and open their channel to that-still-small-voice inside. Her journaling methods are both intuitive and accessible, practical and above all, immediately useful when asking the big questions of life. In the past year I have done some of the most extraordinarily creative and important work of my life. I knew I was following a Divine path, which I followed with confidence and trust as I continued to listen to and heed this voice. The results have been no less than stunning, and it is all still unfolding”.
– David Robinson, artist and author of “The Seer”.

What I have found is that we can’t know this from being told this, or reading about someone else’s experience, but by experiencing it for our selves

And this is how you can have this experience: Sign up for the Journals with God, 30-Day Journaling Challenge.  You will receive a daily email for 30 days with instructions, meditations, and suggested practices.  You will have access to a Forum where you can share what you are writing or your experience and connect with others who have made the same decision to live from the Divine.  You will see that you are not alone and that we are all awakening and tapping into the same intelligence of the Universe.

So now you may be wondering, “Diane, how exactly are you going to teach me to talk to God AND Get the answers? Here’s my answer:  I’ve designed this program to help you create a practice that will give you the experience of Divine connection.  The practices, meditations, and teachings will help you shift your thinking and teach your mind new truths.  Through this work you can achieve a distinct connection with God without question or doubt of the authenticity of the content and quality of the guidance.
Here are the Specifics on how we are going to do this: Once you sign up you will be sent to a web page with downloads and instruction.  You will also receive an email with instructions on how to get into the forum.  You will get an email every day with instructions, and a link to the forum. Journey to the Soul Workbook

The program includes: * Journey to the Soul Workbook (PDF) * 30 – Daily Emails with instruction, inspiration, and tools. * Access to the online forum to connect with others in the program * Weekly Live Webinar with Mediation and Teachings with Diane Dandeneau * Divine Guidance Session with Diane Dandeneau This process was the key to my Awakening.  You are about to engage with the Source of all, who can help you discover who you truly are, and co-create with you the extraordinary life you have come to live.

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Yes, I’m Ready to Live a Divinely Guided Life!

I understand I’m going to get your Journals with God, 30-Day Journaling Challenge where I’ll learn how to talk to God AND Get the Answers!
Plus, I’ll get these bonuses: Journey to the Soul Audiobook with bonus song: The Answers, and What Would You Do if You Knew You Were God, by Diane Dandeneau (mp3) $25.00 value Recorded Meditations from the 4 Steps to Divine Mastery advanced coaching program. $25.00 Value  

Ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions?

1) I have tried many different spiritual programs and teachers but my life has not changed. Why would this program work for me? The secret to a true spiritual path is that it is individual.  It is not about what a teacher or Guru can give you, but what you give your self.  This program is designed to teach you how to connect to the Divine. It is up to you to do the listening and then make the choices based on what you learn.  It is completely up to you to change you life.  I’m just giving you the key to the real Source of the answers.

2) I have tried to meditate, journal, and do other spiritual practices.  I haven’t been able to quiet my mind. Will this program work for me? Absolutely.  If you intend it to.  That is the first step.  The next part is I will teach you some techniques that will help you listen at a whole new level and make quieting your mind easier and easier as you practice.

3) I love going to workshops and retreats and come back feeling refreshed and inspired.  But it doesn’t seem to last.  Will this program help me make the connection to Source and keep it? This is really such a normal state of our world.  We take a break from our lives to focus on our spiritual connections, and then “go back” to our normal lives.  This does not promote an integrated transformational experience. My program is designed to help people achieve and maintain their connection to the Divine in a way that is integrated with their every day lives.  This creates the opportunity to respond to what is happening and bring the changes desired from a place of Divine wisdom in every moment of every day.

4) So, how do I know it is the Divine giving us the answer? I feel doubt and second guess myself even when I think I’m hearing. There are qualities in the message and a knowing that becomes more and more in tune with the energy coming through.  At first, you may not know it as it will probably feel unfamiliar.  But, deep down you know the truth is being spoken.  It is undeniable if you are willing to be honest with yourself.  It is also learning how to watch, monitor, quiet, and choose your thoughts.  The daily practice give you an experience that will help you begin to trust it.  Once you can do this, then you will hear the thoughts of God and know the difference.

5) I’m uncomfortable with the word “God”.  I don’t use that name.  Can I still do this? I too was uncomfortable with the name as so many people had put their idea of God being a judgmental father figure.  In my heart I was writing to the loving God and that is the Being that wrote back to me.  You can use any name you want and the Divine One will be there for you, no matter what you call it.  I’ll let the Divine tell it better from my Journals with God, 10/25/13: This writing and conversation started with me writing my prayers to God.  I knew that when you started to write back to me – it was you because of how it felt.  I call you God, and you sign as God, but who are you really? Hmmm. Big question.  Everything.  I could stop but I know you are trying to put some connect to this experience.  I am the one energy of the Universe to the infinite power.  I am the God of every religion and every name, but I am not my name.  I am indescribable, yet recognizable in everything.  I talk to you as I do everyone who cares to listen – or not.  I am the truth in your heart and the love in you soul. I also live in your pain  and sadness.  I am experience and choice.  And everything is perfect.  You are a part of me that I recognize as all of me. It’s like the drop and the ocean. You are as great as the ocean, even though you only know yourself as the drop.  So I tell you again – everything is just one thing: Me.  Love, God DDminilogo 6) There is so much going on right now.  This just isn’t a good time, can I do this later? Sure, you can put off anything you want.  You are in choice in your life.  This program will not be offered in the same way again for a while. My question to you is, if there was One person that you could spend a little time with every day who would give you unconditional love, help you see what you needed to do every day for your greatest growth and happiness, and made you feel empowered and inspired in your life, would you make time for them?  This is what I’m offering you with this 30-Day Journaling Challenge.  We make time for what matters.  From my perspective, this is the only thing that matters – as it will help you show up as the greatest person you can be for the rest of your life. Ready?

About Diane Dandeneau

DianePerformingDiane Dandeneau is a renaissance woman. She has many interests, accomplishments, and roles in life–all of which have led her to her latest incarnation as a spiritual teacher.  She now coaches people who desire to live a Divinely Guided life to discover and bring the greatest gift that they have to give that meets the world’s great need NOW.

As an artist, Diane explores and paints sacred sites from around the world. With an interest in service through problem solving, she has worked to create practical business solutions with software, renewable energy, and environmental education. Her deep calling to understand and connect to her greatest purpose in life led her to focus on her spiritual path. In doing so, she was astonished to find she was channeling the greatest teacher of all.

Since 2002, Diane has received thousands of messages, teachings, and songs that have led to her awakening. She is now sharing her gifts as a teacher with the ability to lead others to similar experiences of spiritual connection through music, art, writing, transformational coaching and workshops. With this work she is answering the question:  “What would you do if you knew you were God?”