Transformational Coaching Program

This program is an advanced training for spiritual progressives who have been seeking to live from divine guidance and are ready to take the final step to enter completely into their Divine sovereignty, to make a real, significant, meaningful difference in the world.

There comes a point when we realize that just hoping the Universe will bring us what we want, doesn’t work. The good news is, the Universe will carry us when we go beyond hope, remember who we are, why we have come, and take the reigns from the level of Spirit.

The Art of Extraordinary Success is focused on shifting consciousness, and aligning completely with the totality of who you are. This program is focused on empowering you as the artist of your life, discovering and/or committing to what you want to create now, and learning how to do it with maximum power, enthusiasm, focus, and passion – while actually accomplishing something important!

It begins with creating and/or honing a personal introspective/ contemplative practice for strengthening your personal foundation of self knowledge, clarity of purpose, confidence, and creativity.  You will experience a shift in your level of consciousness and create from a new perspective, which will give you exponential power to create what you want and become extraordinarily successful.

Learn the 7 simple yet powerful keys for becoming the master of creating and
accomplish something extraordinary in 8 weeks!

1. Learn the secret that artists know that most people don’t, and how to use what they know to create anything you want.
2. Discover the number one difference in mindset between people who are successful and those who aren’t, and how to instantly implement that change.
3. See the important difference between ordinary success and extraordinary success, and why you don’t need to settle.

4. Find the keys to unlimited time and energy for everything they want to do!
5. Let go of the greatest block to success by making one small and simple shift in perspective.
6. See them selves in a whole new way and be inspired to open up to their greatest vision for the greatest good for all!
7. Learn and implement the process for becoming the creative master of their life to find what wants to come through them to be in their greatest service!

You will enter the zone of creative mastery with life-long artist and entrepreneur, Diane Dandeneau. You will be inspired to step into your own creative mastery to discover the power they possess to contribute to life at a higher level than ever before.

The Art of Extraordinary Success – Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery Program Outline:

  • 8 Weeks of Daily emails with inspirational reading, audio and guided meditations for entering the Zone of Creative Mastery.
  • Weekly Exercises and Tasks delivered via email.
    • Personal inventory on skills, talents, interests, past successes/failures
    • Selection of Project (or sub-tasks) to accomplish during the 8 weeks
    • Create your project plan from the Zone of Creative Mastery
    • Take actions, review results
    • Explore challenges, practice manifesting and problem solving from your new perspectives
  • Connect with others through the private forum
    • Post daily journaling
    • Ask questions, share successes and exquisite failures
  • Optional individual coaching with Diane Dandeneau
    • Have your own project manager and personal coach
    • Weekly sessions working from the Zone using intuition for problem solving

This program is unique as it focuses on your capacity to do anything you want, and then supports you on actually accomplishing an important project.

What one of my past clients said:

The coaching program offered by Diane helped me to focus and make plans for my future. The guided meditations were invaluable and helped me to keep a routine of peace, patience and clarity.  I highly recommend Diane’s programs for anyone looking to find an easily traveled path to greater success, and a overall sense of peace and fulfillment.  
– Linette D

This is an updated version of my coaching work and I am looking for a few people truly committed to self improvement and taking responsibility for their own success in life, and has something important they want to bring to the world, but are struggling. And I don’t want cost to get in the way of your success. Please schedule an Extraordinary Success session to talk about what you want to accomplish now.

You can choose a self study course or work with Diane with coaching.

If you are ready to register, you can do that HERE.

Diane Dandeneau is the author of Journey to the Soul, Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling and the upcoming books: The Art of Extraordinary Success, and The Year of Awakening. Diane is a speaker, singer/ songwriter, artist, serial entrepreneur, teacher and coach.

Call Diane at: 303-552-7468 or email, or Schedule a session to learn more HERE.