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Diane3Diane offers keynote talks, concerts and workshops on: The Year of Awakening, What it really Means to Live a Divinely Guided Life and The Art of Extraordinary Success – How to Become the Creative Master of Your Life, to new thought spiritual communities, recovery groups, and progressive general audiences, who are seeking inspiration and tools for bringing our greatest gifts to the world. Discover the keys for reliably and consistently hearing and receiving Higher/Divine Guidance for Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery to experience extraordinary success.  Bring this transformational experience to your group as they will discover the power they have to receive the guidance they truly seek to accomplish the amazing and maybe even the impossible.

Diane Dandeneau offers her inspirational keynotes on What it Really Means to Live a Divinely Guided Life and The Art of Extraordinary Success – Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery, as well as workshops, radio interviews, and webinars on Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery and How to Talk to God AND Get the Answers, based on her experience as an entrepreneur, artist, musician, and through her Journals with God.  Her presentations includes performances of her original inspirational music, and teachings from the Journals with God and her book Journey to the Soul, Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling, and the upcoming books: The Year of Awakening and The Art of Extraordinary Success.

“Diane Dandeneau is simply a delightful speaker!  Warm, engaging, she had us all wrapped around her lovely spirit after the first sentence of her first song!  Diane’s sweet voice, words, and her loving authenticity captured us from the beginning, and her simple message was just exactly what we all individually needed to hear.  Diane proves the point that
we are All One, again and again!”

– Connie Nuhfer, Director, The Center for Conscious Living, Waterville, OH

Here is a video from the highlights of the first part of the talk – What it Really Means to Live a Divinely Guided Life and two of the three stages of awakening:  Decision, Cultivation, and Realization.

Manifesting Miracles – Realizing Dreams – Mile High Church Business Honoring Spirituality
Including musical performances.

These talks and workshop goes deep into what is blocking us from realizing our inherent Divine knowing of who we are and offers ways to break through to living the extraordinary lives we have all come to live.  Bring a completely new message and experience that offers a whole new mindset for awakening.

Here is a link to a radio show on How to Talk to God AND Get the Answers on Purpose Talk Radio.

DianeTeachingYour group can also do your own 30-day Journaling Challenge. To learn more about the content of the talk please download her free PDF.

Diane Dandeneau is a master intuitive and experienced channel who has a gift for opening the space for Divine connection in others.  Many people have stated that they have experience a connection to the Divine like never before with Diane’s presence and processes.

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