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“My work with Diane taught me to connect to the divine source of love and intelligence within me.  I had been used to searching outside myself and intellectually within as a means for navigating all of life.  I now realize that my spiritual voice had mostly been ignored, even in some of the more important and challenging life decisions.  I now understand that every thought, word, and action is a choice and the divine within is my most valuable resource. With Diane’s help, I learned to trust this voice first and foremost.” — Pamela G


“I’m grateful to Diane for helping me discover my true path. I had been in great fear about being unemployed for over a year and thinking there was something wrong with me. The Messengers shared through Diane that my work right now is to heal and forgive myself for the wreckage of the past. I am perfect just who I am – and am a beautiful person with many gifts. When I’m ready, the work I’m meant to do will be revealed. I don’t have to be afraid anymore because God is holding my hand. As long as I stay in conscious contact with my creator, I won’t be led astray. This was a very profound lesson and I’m continuing to work with Diane on using meditation to connect with God. I feel immense relief knowing that I’m being taken care of and don’t have to struggle anymore”.

“I had a truly remarkable experience during my first session with Diane. Although I have practiced meditation for many years, I have not experienced the immediate clarity, safety and insight which she provided within the first few minutes of our time together. She held a very open and clear space in which I was able to relax, go within and experience a direct connection with my true self, guided by her soothing and supportive coaching. I found it unique that Diane was able to navigate me through a guided meditation, a life coaching session and channeled reading all in one seamless 1-hour session. I left feeling grounded, peaceful and focused with a joy and confidence I hadn’t experienced in many years.” – Erin, 31 years old
“During the first moments of our first coaching session, before we even really began, I felt a sense of warm connection, held, expansive. Moments later through meditation, with the aid of Diane’s wisdom and intuition I was able to literally see what was blocking my soul’s true path.  The message from the Messengers of Peace also confirmed exactly what I needed to hear, what I needed to remember at this precise time in my life.

There are few words that can fully embrace my gratitude for the guidance Diane offers in such a kind, gentle, loving way.  Diane, you are a beautiful soul, a truly gifted spiritual coach.
Cheryl Friesen, White Rock, BC

“In the 7 months I have known Diane, I have found her to be passionate about her mission and purpose in coaching. Our shared experience in coaching one another has proven to me that Diane has a gift for supporting others in their personal journey. She is intuitive, compassionate, and a caring soul. Her coaching work will make a difference in the lives she touches”.
Darlene Poe
Power for the Soul Coaching
Andrews, North Carolina

“I have known Diane to be a talented and dedicated fine artist, smart and hard-working businesswoman, creative songwriter and musician, avid outdoors person, and intrepid, passionate, courageous traveler of heart and spirit. When I began spiritual coaching sessions with her, I entered expecting a pleasant meditation and gentle spiritual support. What I experienced was a profound and deep connection to Spirit. Diane draws deeply from her well of compassion, wisdom, experience and intuition to help draw out our inner Guide, supporting us to live our authentic lives, and be our true Selves.”
Cathy Rivers

“I completely enjoyed my first life coaching session with Diane.  I was amazed how her words perfectly fit into where I was and how I was feeling.  I have tried to follow the lessons learned daily to help with my journey.  I have begun to use her journal workbook and have been meditating daily.  I am definitely planning to continue life coaching with Diane in the future.  She has such a comforting spirit that helped me cry when I need to cry, laugh when it was good to laugh, and smile at truth of the future in front of me.  I appreciate what she has done for me in such a short period of time, and look forward to the great things ahead.”
Kelly Norton Springfield, MO

“Starting one’s life over is quite the endeavor and Diane’s guidance in this process for me has been outstanding!  Interweaving several activities, suggested by Diane, has allowed me to gain a clearer understanding of what’s possible for me.  Her calm, caring, and encouraging demeanor is greatly appreciated.  Diane has an amazing way of meeting you where you are and infusing hope and belief in who are yearning to be.  If you’ve considered hiring a life coach who has truly done the work herself, look no further, you’ve found her………..Diane Dandeneau!!!! “
Cory Hartnett

“During sessions with Diane I experience a deep and expansive sense of self which transcends my ego and the self-imposed limitations that go along with it.  My best description of our coaching meditations:  pure bliss.  The work I’ve done with Diane has helped me gain a much bigger perspective on my life, and all life in general.  I feel renewed and inspired to honor my true essence.
Nancy Norton

“The session with Diane was very inspiring and confirming.  The power of her session is the validation you receive of your own knowing.  Working with her on a regular basis will allow you to strengthen your connection to your own intuition.  She provides a safe and supportive environment to allow you to connect with the information that will be most supportive of what you require in the moment.  You will receive a lot in your very first session with her.  Her spirit, compassion and joy are refreshing and contagious.”
B Hopkins

“I first met Diane during a job search in 2009, while she was working for Bella Energy.  I was in the middle of a transition from one industry to the solar sector.  While I had many of the skills Bella Energy was looking for at the time, I lacked the experience.  Diane took my call directly, listened to me, and immediately understood the drive I had to break into the new field.  While my experience did not allow her to hire me, she took the time to advise me where to complete my training to give me the best opportunity.  I acted on her advice, selling my home on the East Coast, relocating to Colorado, and completing my training there.  The training paid dividends, as I have landed my dream job in the solar industry as a Project Manager in California.  Diane’s short interaction with me showed me how she cares about people, their dreams and will go out of her way to help.”


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