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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I have recently done a string of incredibly powerful channeled readings with the Messengers of Peace for some women in Austin Texas.  I did the first one for a woman who happened to hear me playing my music at the open mic at the Stone Cup in Lyons as they were passing through town.  She said she was touched by my song for Goldie, and picked up my brochure.  She called me a week later and we scheduled the session for over the phone.

The reading I did for her from the Messengers of Peace reached a new level of healing and transformation for her (and me).  As with most of my readings, I knew nothing about her other than her wanting some guidance on career.  The message that come through me had nothing to do with career (though eluded that everything would fall into place once this other issue was resolved) and totally about healing some family relationships.  When I read her the message, she was a bit surprised yet felt it was very true for her.  We then went into the next part of the session which is a guided meditation and coaching intro.

What happened next was very exciting and profound.  I felt the Messengers of Peace telling me that we were going to do some energy healing.  I was guided to take her into a process of forgiveness with the family member present in our meditation.  My client felt a physical energy shift and a profound release of a life-long anger and resistance.  Both were released from the bondage of their unresolved issues.

A day later I received a call to do a reading from the other woman who heard me in Lyons, who heard that her friend had a good experience with me.  Amazingly (probably only to me), the exact same thing happened.  I have since done 2 more readings from referrals from these women with one more next scheduled next week.  Each one being unique, yet as profound as the last.  The Messengers of Peace are now bringing a level of healing that is not just in their message, but through our session on an energetic level.  As I am doing this, I realize that this is an incredible gift that I have been given to help people make rapid profound shifts toward healing and awakening.

If you are struggling in any area of your life, please consider doing a session with me and the Messengers of Peace. It has been my prayer to serve and this is the greatest service that I believe I can bring.



A New Dawn

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

As I was writing a message for a client, I received this message from the Messengers of Peace to all of the Bringers of Light.

We have come to bring a message for your friend, and for all who are ready to hear.  The light has turned again and though the cold is settling in for a while, now is the new beginning of the next cycle of light.  This new dawn is powerful.  This is a new year – like a new day.  And the time is now for all who are called to be the bringers of light to act.  There is no more time to waste or wait and the fact is, all that you need to do is stand up and start walking and the direction will be clear.  But first you must stand up.  And by standing up you will gain a new perspective.  In standing up you will feel a new power.  In standing up you will be seen and noticed and recognized as the leaders that you are.  Do not wait for anyone else.  Do not wait for the full vision to be revealed.  Do not wait any longer.  Just stand up and start.

With love, the Messengers of Peace.

The Collapse

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

For years I have watched the transition movement and listened in on the talk of resilience and preparing for a future of economic and environmental collapse.  I have heard many scenarios and predictions, some like the year 2000, where it happens overnight, and others that compare the US to other countries that have gone through collapse.  I absolutely believe that we live in a changing world and that we need to re-evaluate how we humans have constructed life and that changes are happening.  The main thing that I have come to believe is:  It is not what we do to prepare or respond, but who we become who are prepared and able to respond, that is important.  As I have been focusing on my personal spiritual work over the past 8 years, I have asked “what do I do?” probably thousands of times.  I never get an answer.  I have only been asked to connect to Source.  And once I do that, then the answers that I need come to me naturally.  This is the invitation that I offer you.  I have also channeled a message from the Messengers of Peace, and asked them for some insight on the question.  Below is a link to that channeled writing.  Please comment.




Meditation Call 3-29-10

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Here is the recording from the Monday Meditation call that contains the a message from the Messengers of Peace and teaching on 4 levels of Engagement from Coaching for Transformation Presence.  We then did a meditation on choosing to live from choice and opportunity instead of Drama and Situation.  Please  comment if you enjoyed the experience.

Becoming a Channel

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

In 2002 I began to write my prayers to God in my Journals.  Shortly after that, I began to hear the answers coming from somewhere that was not my thinking mind.  Thus began my Journals with God.  I have been writing daily for much of the past 8 years, learning about who I am and who and what everyone and everything is.  I have learned about and received so much love during this time that it has transformed my life.

Recently I did a certification workshop on numerology and life path and career coaching from Sue Fredrick, author of “I See Your Dream Job”.  She is also an intuitive and works with her guides to bring the messages that her clients need to hear.   During the workshop, I wrote in my Journals asking if I too could bring messages to people I was working with and to my surprise the answer was yes!  I was given a prayer to say to protect myself and to call in the Messengers of Peace to bring the message needed for the person I was working with to move forward.  What has been amazing is that as I have done this for many people, whom I have known and not known, and each message has been poignant, helpful and profound.

Now I am bringing these messages with my Life Path Intuitive Readings and coaching to people who are ready and want to gain more insight into where they are being called to go next.  This is a perfect starting point for people to begin a shift in their life, and begin working with me as a coach.  I can also teach how to use these techniques to connect with their own higher wisdom.

I must admit, that the software designer – business person in me is thinking “what are you doing?”.  But, I have committed myself to live from Source.   And Source is calling me to help others in this powerful way.  Even as I have been doing this for years, I sometimes fall into disbelief myself.  I guess that is the human side of me that I get to transcend over and over again.

Click here to learn more about this powerful Life Path Intuitive Reading.  I have scanned below the actual message to you from the Messengers of Peace.  I am humbly honored to serve in this way.

Blessings, Diane

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