Sunday, May 1st, 2016


Good morning my dear One. So much has happened over the past few months. I hope you are doing well! I have been very busy creating my new programs and finding a new home in renewable energy work, which I also love.  I am a bit behind in bringing some new things forward based on my schedule, but it is all perfect in God’s schedule. I am also continuing to grow and change, and find greater and greater peace through my daily practice and practicing living from Divine guidance.

From my journals today:

Good morning God! I rest in your love. I feel confident in my capabilities and capacity to do what I need to do – what is mine to do. I’ve been very busy and yet it has been with you, versus my old way of trying to do it without you. What a difference!  I feel at peace knowing I’m doing the right things for the highest good because I’m listening and following your guidance every day – and miracles continue to happen!

“Good morning my love. You know now, as you are remembering how to hear me – and this is also hearing your soul. The divine is in the details! Each moment makes up your life and each thing you do from the truth of your heart brings love into the world. Yes, it’s time to share our writing again. You are in a whole new place and this is the realm of authentic expression from living in union with me. We are being – together as One. For all you seek is found right here. Share your love as truth and happiness.  That, is all there is to do.

Love, God”


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