Sunday, January 17th, 2016


Good morning, God. I’m ready to get to work on my creative projects – creating our new program: The Art of Extraordinary Success – Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery.  Yet, I’m here to be with you first. I don’t have a question, but what do you have for me today?

“Good morning my love.  Ah, you never know, do you ? I love that you show up to speak with me even when you don’t have a problem or question. You are just here to say hello, so you enter into my direct field of energy as I speak to you through your hands. Your experience of writing with me is a thousand times more powerful, healing, and energizing, than my words. This is why this practice is so important for you. You are completing the shift into what we are calling the “zone of creative mastery”. You are coming the master of entering this zone at will and living from this place.  And thus your life is then created from this place, which is nothing short of extraordinary. You must continue to trust it – trust Me, and keep going with your projects before you. You can’t see that results of your efforts, but you do know what you are being inspired to create. With this, know that timing is the other factor you must let go of.

Know that you have spent years preparing for what you are doing now, and it won’t be years before you will truly help others with your gifts. Don’t give up. In fact, I encourage you to be excited, as there are many who are ready for what you have to teach. You are a master at creating. You know this. And you are a master of living with Me. So, it is “we” that are actually teaching. It is not all on your shoulders. This is really that gift you have to give – to remind everyone that they can live and serve in partnership with the energy of Spirit. This is the Art of Extraordinary Success.

Love, God”


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