Sunday, February 14th, 2016


Good morning my dear Ones.  Happy Valentines Day.  Sending love to you!  It has been a while since I’ve posted, and I apologize to those who have signed up for this anticipating the Reminders – daily.  My journey and this work has been in a re-invention stage and is emerging again with some wonderful new offerings.

I’m growing in this work at a whole new level and since Christmas Day, I have been channeling the new book, talk, workshop and coaching program: The Art of Extraordinary Success ~ Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery, every day.  It is about living from our connection with spirit and unabashedly creating what wants to come through us, creating the extraordinary!

I’m starting the first 8-week program on February 29th at a huge discount compared my normal coaching programs.  I’m looking for a few people who are committed to living from and creating from Spirit and want support to manifest and achieve miraculous results in 8 weeks.  I’m going to be teaching the processes and practices I have been using my whole life to create on a massive scale.  

I’m still offering the 30-Day Journaling Challenge as a first step in learning how to reliable receive Divine Guidance and do the healing work required to open to what wants to come through you now.  I continue to enhance this program, and it now has guided meditations every day to support your connection and transformation. 

Finally, I’m very excited to announce the publication of Journey to the Soul ~ Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling through Empowered Whole Being Press.  This will be out in the next few weeks, and I will have the first copies available on February 20th, at my art show and opening at The Fork restaurant, in Lyons from 3:00 – 5:00 PM

Lastly – I’m looking for Speaking opportunities. Please let me know if I can speak to your group or organization about the Art of Extraordinary Success!

The Daily Reminders will come intermittently as I am working on a new and updated version planned for April 1st (no joke).  New and exciting programming and inspiration to come!

From my journals today:

“You don’t have to awaken to know God. God is here to help you awaken!

Love, God”


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