Addiction and Recovery Communities

Ms. Dandeneau offers Keynote Talks, Special Music, and Journaling Workshops for
Addiction and Recovery Communities

Mastering the Power Within – What it Really Means to Live a
Divinely Guided Life

Based on the book:
Journey to the Soul ~ Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling

A tool for the 11th Step and beyond!

We become the masters of our lives, when we can find our inner strength and know what we truly want to do for our highest good, and choose to do it. This mastery comes from a commitment to know and love ourselves and foster that relationship over everything else in our lives.

This is the power we need to change self sabotaging habits and thoughts to what we truly want to be doing to become the greatest version of who we are. Ms. Dandeneau shares her experience with dancing with addiction in herself and her family, and her success in healing and recovery.

Topics covered:

* How to hear your Divine Guidance and know that it the authentic voice of God, versus your ego (the addict brain).
* Know how to reliably hear and receive the guidance of your greatest teacher and discover what you need to know exactly when you need to know it.
* Heal the past and remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck with the assistance, safety and love of the Divine.
* Discover and know the truth of your Soul and what you have really come to do.
* Experience the peace that passeth all understanding as you move into knowing who you are and the Source of everything.
* Know your true Self, to a level like never before.
* Learn the 3 Erroneous beliefs (lies) about our selves that undermine everything, and how to make the small shift to reclaim the truth and be in your power.
* See yourself in a whole new way and be inspired to open up to your greatest vision for the greatest good for all!

Live, original inspirational music, combined with visual presentations with art and exercises make these presentations powerful and transformational.

This program is an intro to the Journey to the Soul, 30-Day Journaling Challenge

DianeGuitarandart“Diane Dandeneau is simply a delightful speaker! Warm, engaging, she had us all wrapped around her lovely spirit after the first sentence of her first song! Diane’s sweet voice, words, and her loving authenticity captured us from the beginning, and her simple message was just exactly what we all individually needed to hear. Diane proves the point that we are All One, again and again!”

– Connie Nuhfer, Director, The Center for Conscious Living, Waterville, OH

These talks are based on Diane’s book, Journey to the Soul, Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling, and her upcoming book, The Art of Extraordinary Success, Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery. They are about cultivating a personal relationship with the Divine, who she calls God. This God is not of any religion or faith, but the God of truth and love, who lives within all of us. It has been through an introspective practice of meditation and journaling that she has discovered the truth of who she is, who everyone is, and the intrinsic power everyone has to create a successful and satisfying life.

You and your group will enter the zone of creative mastery with life-long artist and entrepreneur, Diane Dandeneau. You will be inspired to step into or deepen your own Divine connection to your creative mastery to discover the power you possess to contribute to life at a higher level than ever before.

Please contact Diane HERE to book her for your group.  Print out a PDF of this document HERE.