Free Sample of Journey to the Soul,
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The Journey to the Soul, 30-Day Journaling Challenge is the beginning of a journey to becoming the Master of Your Life.  It is the foundation to helping you connect to the Divine and heal the blocks that are keeping you stuck, thus opening to the truth of your soul.  This practice will help you transform your life in ways you can not imagine from your current level of consciousness.

I invite you to experience an example of one of the Daily Practices from this Journey.  Sign-up below to receive an email with inspirational writing from my upcoming book, The Year of Awakening, plus a guided mediation and instruction for Journaling. 

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This is an example of what you would receive every day in the challenge.

If you sign up for the Challenge, you will receive downloads and instruction.  You will also receive an email with instructions and a link to the group forum.  You will get an email every day with inspiration, instruction, and audio guided meditations.Journey to the Soul Workbook

The program includes: * Journey to the Soul Workbook (PDF) * 30 – Daily Emails with instruction, inspiration, and tools. * Daily Guided Meditations for healing and exploration. * Access to the online forum to connect with others in the program. * You are about to engage with the Source of all, who can help you discover who you truly are, and co-create with you the extraordinary life you have come to live.

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