Meet a few wonderful teachers that have influenced Diane and inspired her spiritual journey.

Teachers and Paths

don Miguel Ruiz, Author of the 4 Agreements, Beyond Fear, Mastery of Love, and now the 5th Agreement.

Brandt Morgan, Toltec Mentor trained by don Miguel Ruiz.  Teacher of Heart Wisdom.  Author of Vision Walk, guided meditations to answer life’s questions.  I worked with Brandt in the early 2000’s, studying Toltec Spirituality, as I was beginning on this journey.  He is powerful and loving teacher.

Jason Brody, M.S.  Therapist and spiritual mentor.  He offers his Awakening Seminars which are powerful retreats. I have gone through his Seminar twice and recommend it for anyone who is ready to make rapid and profound life changes.

Paramahansa Yoganada. Founder of the Self Realization Fellowship.  He also wrote Autobiography of a Yogi.  I spent a lot of time in the San Diego Temples learning meditation and chanting.

Echart Tolle.  Author of The Power of Now and A New Earth.  I had to listen to a The Power of Now 7 times before I started “getting” it.   Now he is an internationally known teacher and author.

Neale Donald Walsh. Author of Conversations with God.  I had been writing my Journals with God for 3 years (and thinking that I was crazy), when I spotted this book in the bookstore.  As I began to read it, I was getting the feeling that “Hey, I’ve read this before”.  Then I realized that, “No, I’ve written this before”.  I now realize that I have been tapping into the same energy and wisdom of the Universe that is wanting to be brought to the world in many forms.

A Course in Miracles
I am 3/4 through a year-long group program on the Course in Miracles, and it has truly been an incredible teacher to me.  Confirming the teachings from my Journals with God, the Christ consciousness calls for the ultimate acceptance of the truth of who we are and the unequivocal invitation to live in love, forgiveness and peace between all beings.

Alan Seale
Author of Soul Mission, Life Mission, Intuitive Living, The Manifestation Wheel, and The Power of Your Presence.  He is also the developer of Coaching for Transformational Presence.  Alan has a way of explaining complex concepts in a way that is understandable, accessible, and implementable.