Awakening and the Economy

The more I am awakening and remembering who I am, the more I am seeing that the structure of our society is made up of illusional needs and desires.  Our entire economic structures are based on us wanting more, and filling our selves with things instead of grace.  As more people awaken, values change.  Health and well-being no longer just mean more stuff, but the stuff that enhances health, joy,  and creativity, and nurtures our selves and each other.

Our current economy is beginning to readjust to reality.  There is a point where the illusions must crumble, because truth always prevails.   Fixing the economy (as in just getting everyone back to work with business as usual) is impossible.  Its time to focus on the basics.  How do we house and feed and clothe everyone in our country and refocus on health and well-being?  The pursuit of happiness has become the pursuit of stuff.  And yes, stuff does make jobs, but this is an artificial economy.

How do we refocus on what is truly needed now, and inspire everyone to pursue what he or she is called to do that meets the greatest need?  It is not about creating jobs, but meeting needs.  Jobs will be created.   America has been a great place to live because we are free to be creative and entrepreneurial.  So, it is not a place where the Government is responsible for our happiness.  I actually agree with Republicans on one area: less Government programs.  What I don’t agree with them about is pretty much everything else – especially the “us against them” obstructionist attitudes.  We are all one and have to work together.  I think that the free market and individual creativity can solve our problems and create the world WE each want to live in.  The Government needs to set some national goals and objectives that promote equality and a fair playing field, offer funding for areas that effect all of us (protecting the commons -habitat, water, air, energy, infrastructure) and then get out of the way.

It’s up to us, each of us, to awaken in this time of crisis and change.  We aren’t going back to the way things were.  People don’t like change, but change is all there is.  So, what is it that is really calling you?  What is it that is pushing you or pulling you?  Did you loose your job, or home, or lover? Embrace the loss, feel the grief, then ask yourself, what is next?  What is really calling you now?  We are all here right now for a reason.  And it is up to each of us to find out that reason and step into our greatest selves.  Your soul is calling you.  The collective consciousness is asking us all to Wake Up.  It is not a question of if, but when.  And the sooner we do, the less our world will crumble beneath us as we sleep.

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