The Canvas Journals

The Canvas Journals

I did not set out to be a messenger of God, I set out to save my own soul.

Like many people I had come to a point in my life where I was tired of being unhappy.  I was doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing, but after the ending of an important relationship, I descended deeper into my ever-present depression.  I tried to rebuild my life in a new city, new career, new home, with all the potential for a beautiful life… and I just didn’t care.  As I looked around at my life, I began to realize that the priorities I had, had nothing to do with MY TRUTH.  Nothing made sense, especially me, so I stopped.  I realized that the fulfillment that I had looked for in the world outside of me through relationships, jobs, and endeavors did not ultimately give me complete satisfaction.   Something was missing.  So, I quit my job and I started a spiritual journey that took me to many different faiths and practices.  But most of all, I prayed.   And I wrote my prayers in my journals.  Then, one day, I started receiving answers.

Imagine the wisest, most loving and caring mentor/teacher/parent/friend, listening and writing to you words of comfort, wisdom and love, exactly when and how you needed it.  This has been my experience with my journals with God.  In over 1000 hand and type written pages, God reminded me over and over as to who I am and when I was being who I am not.  She brought truths and wisdom and love beyond anything I could imagine.

I have also been praying what I should do in this life.  I prayed to be allowed to help serve at the greatest level that I could.  The answer came back as:  Be the Truth.  The greatest problem in the world has is being stuck in fear and lies and unconsciousness.  Since 2003 I have made a commitment to live as the Truth of my Soul.  The result of the commitment to living as Truth, is that it has been impossible to do anything but that.  Now my purpose is to share the truth of who I am and who we are.  But then, I have learned that this is everyone’s purpose.

As you read these canvases, know that they are not scripted or transcribed.  They are painted as I receive the words.  I don’t know what questions I will write until that day, and I have no idea what is going to be written back to me.  They are responses to what is going on in my life –  and as God says, reflections of everyone’s life, because we are all one.

To share these canvases are to share to share the truth of me.  I now know who I am and who we truly are.  I have saved my soul.  I have found my soul, and maybe through these writing, you might just recognize a little of your soul.

With Great Love and affection, I share with you, the greatest truth of who I am from the deepest love in my heart.

Diane Dandeneau, 2003

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