November 2nd



I had some technical difficulties yesterday and the Daily Reminder did not get sent.  I think that was probably good as it was probably a too personal rant from a pretty disconnected place.  The issue is still up for me as I had walked away from a situation that I felt there was no solution within the context of the interaction.  This has caused someone else to be very upset with me.  I don’t want to upset this person, but I could not see any other way through.
“Good morning my love.  You are understanding that it does not serve anyone to stay in situations that don’t feel productive or loving.  Sometimes this means removing yourself from those situations causing some temporary friction.  This is not about being uncaring or unsupportive. On the contrary, it is about disengaging from the dysfunctional to focus on what is functional – creating the life you want. This makes room for more love and harmony.  Move into this place now.  Feel the excitement of the potential of what is possible to create – from this place.  Sometimes loving means saying no.    




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