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I am grateful for many wonderful and talented photographers who are willing to share their incredible work.  I want to acknowledge their commitment (and investment), to capture these beautiful images so we can learn about this beautiful golden eaglet, “Goldie”.  Below are photos of her and her parents starting in late May up to today.  Credits:  Ann Schonlau, Madeline Hopkins, David Stephens with more photos at: , Mike and Susan Molloy with more photos at: , Dan Baldwin, and John Mattera.

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This first photo is by Ann Schonlau taken on 5-25-2010.  Here is Goldie just a couple weeks old with Mom.

Golden Eagle Mother and Chick by Ann Schonlau 5-25-2010

Here is mom.  Golden Eagle Taking Flight by Ann Schonlau 5-25-2010

Golden Eagle Taking Flight by Ann Schonlau 5-25-2010

Golden Eagle Chick Sleeping by Ann Schonlau 5-26-2010

Here is mom with dinner, probably for herself and the baby.

Golden Eagle with Prairie Dog by Ann Schonlau 6-4-2010

Another beautiful photo of one of the Parents by Ann Schonlau

Golden Eagle Determination by Ann Schonlau 6-4-2010

These next photos are from June 23rd and are of Goldie as she was starting to move around the nest.  These photos are by Madeline Hopkins.

Baby Goldie by Madeline Hopkins 6-23-2010

Baby Goldie: "I have Wings" by Madeline Hopkins 6-23-2010

Goldie Sitting in the Nest by Madeline Hopkins 6-23-2010

Here are a couple from David Stephens on July 5th.  Notice how much she has grown in 2 weeks!

Baby Eagle by David Stephens 7-5-2010

Mom flying by David Stephens 7-5-2010

Baby Eagle Parent July 5th, 2010 by David Stephens

Golden Eaglet 7-16-2010 by Ann Schonlau

Golden Eaglet by Ann Schonlau 7-16-2010

Another one of the Eaglet on 7-16-2010

Golden Eaglet 2 by Ann Schonlau 7-16-2010

Here is Goldie on July 21st.  Photo by Mike and Susan Molloy

Golden Eagle Chick 7-21-2010 by Mike and Susan Molloy

It was on July 24th, the Goldie Fledged and flew over to rocky ledge about 200 feet from the nest.  Here she is in her new digs a couple days later.

Goldie in her new digs by Mike and Susan Molloy 7-26-2010

And another beautiful shot by Mike and Susan Molloy.

Goldie getting ready to fly again by Mike and Susan Molloy 7-26-2010

It was around 1:00 PM on July 28th, that Goldie flew again.  Her parents flew in and she was Yelping and climbing and hopping around her roost.  I sensed that something was about to happen.  I have my Video camera going, and Dan Baldwin had just showed up to the park for the first time and set up his camera.  Here are some of his shots:

Baby Golden Eagle on roost by Dan Baldwin 7-28-2010

Baby Golden Eagle Takeoff by Dan Baldwin 7-28-2010

Baby Golden Eagle about to Land by Dan Baldwin 7-28-2010

Baby Golden Eagle Flying by Dan Baldwin 7-28-2010

"I can do it!" by Dan Baldwin 7-28-2010

John Mattera’s photos from early August:

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