Goldie Around the Park 8-01-2010

This baby golden eagle has really caught the attention of many people. Today I ran into Fransisco who I had met at the park before and was very excited to learn about Goldie. It was a joy to see him sharing his enthusiasm with his family and friends as they passed around my binoculars.

I have seen and heard Goldie a few times this past week. Today, we heard her and at first thought she was up on the tree at the top of the west ridge.  Stan Dyer, the park host, said he saw an eagle fly in from the east and land in a tree at the top of the ridge.  We heard squawking in the direction of the ridge, so we thought it was her.  Well, she took off, but the squawking didn’t stop.  It was then I realized that it was probably mom, who is also young with white on her tail and wings.  I then road my bike up the hill to the North of the park and asked the people with the house on the ridge if I could look out from their yard.  They said yes, and I found Goldie eating.  After watching for a while, they offered to show me the house, so I turned around… fortunately keeping the camera running.  Well, it wasn’t 2 seconds after I took my eyes off her, that she flew (which you can see).

I then went back to Meadow Park and people said she was in the bushes on the north ridge below and east of the nest.  About that time Enna and John, visiting from NY showed up with a couple of giant cameras.  We were all shooting and taping Goldie as she walked around then finally flew.  Of course, my camera battery died about 3 minutes before she flew from this last place you see her.  Enna and John said they would send some of their photos.  Soooo, more to come!

Enjoy the Video of Goldie and her Mom from Today!  8-01-2010.

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