The Shuttle Song

I wrote this song a few years ago as a commentary on the debate about climate change and protecting our environment.  Now that the Space Shuttle program is being retired, I hope that we can use this opportunity to shift the conversation to focus on protecting our only home. Listen here:  Shuttle Song.  This song is from my CD:  What Would You Do if You Knew You Were God?.  Below are the lyrics.

Don’t retire the shuttle yet, we’ve got somewhere to go
We have got to find ourselves another home
For we’re using up this one as fast as we can
And we don’t seem to have ourselves another plan

Why do we think we need so much?
Did happiness come with all this stuff?

Fly me home, is there somewhere else that I would rather roam?
Fly me home, is there someplace better to call home?

So now I am asking, would you mind sharin’ a bit
I think we can find a way to resolve this
For I believe we’re smart enough to make it be alright
It’ll just take the left hand working with the right

So why are we fighting over stuff?
Don’t we know that all we really want is love?


Please retire the shuttle, there’s nowhere else I want go.
Let’s keep all those scientists workin’ here at home
For we have Mother Nature, the water, earth and sun
And she will teach us how to live with everyone

Then we will remember who we are
A part of everything and made of the stars


Don’t retire the shuttle yet, we’ve one more trip to make
We need a photo of our home, from outer space

For when we look at everything together all at once
We will see the truth that we’re all part of one
We will see the truth that we are part of one
We will see the truth….

Then Fly me home, there is nowhere else that I would rather roam
Fly me home, there is no place better to call home

Diane Dandeneau, lead vocals, 6-string guitar;  Erin Schey, background vocals; Tyler Grant, 6-string guitar, mandolin; Brian Schey, bass, background vocals, tambourine; Brian McRae, drums and percussion

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