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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Good Morning God. Please help me create the  invitations to our Solstice Ceremony and our work together. What are people looking for?

“What are you looking for?”

Peace, serenity, clarity of purpose, love, compassion and happiness, regardless of what is happening in my life.  There is also a part of me that wants to know that I have the basic things I need for living. But the difference between “having what I want” and not having what I want, is knowing that I am on purpose, have everything I need, and am creating more of what I do want, versus wondering what I should be doing, and if what I’m doing is the right thing for me to do. I know that my journaling with you keeps me focused and connected to the part of me that does know what I want to focus on and do to be living on purpose. I know I’m living on purpose now.

I know that since I found you, I no longer want to leave this life, and know that you are always here with me as I’ve learned and grown. Except for moments of falling back into the darkness and revisiting my depression, as I knew I could return to you and you have always brought be back home. I feel your love, am serene and at peace, and know that I am living on purpose. I am at home with you. I feel excitement around the mystery of what is yet to come.

As I write this I’m reminded that the greatest surprises have come after I have offered my gifts and creations to the world. So, I will keep allowing and focusing on what wants to come through me and trust that they are important and valuable. I just don’t know how valuable until I have finished and offered them.  I know that everything I have done has value to me as the gift of the experience of creation. I also know that everything I’ve done has had value to someone.  This is honoring the creative impulses and living on purpose. This is trusting You. God, I do trust You. So, I am creating this Solstice Ceremony to help others come into greater alignment with their truth and to “live on purpose”. 

Good morning my love. Welcome home. This place of love and peace is the clearest place to create from. Share this writing today. There is nothing else you need to do, so you don’t need to keep searching. You are home. What you have before you is what you need to focus on. Coming to me is all you have to do to remember this. Remember what I have said before: everyone’s search for their purpose is the search for me – which is actually the search for them selves. Also, remember that purpose is not a single pursuit, but the desires of the soul, which is another word for truth. So, living on purpose is living in truth, which is the greatest, most powerful, miraculous, and joyous expression and experience of being alive.  This is what you have come to do.

Love, God”

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