Tuesday, January, 12th 2016


Good morning God. I’m loving how my time with you is flowing into my work on my projects.  I feel the connection and opening into clarity.  I find this is also the time that I do some spiritual reading, and some studying of things that will support my work. It all comes together and moves into creating with you! I love the flow.  I especially love the synchronicity of finding the perfect book, right on my bookshelf that I need to read next.  The one I picked is called Mastery, by George Leonard.  He is helping me see what I have discovered through my own journey. I’m also seeing my own beliefs about “if I’m still learning, have I mastered something – and can I really teach it?”

Good morning my love.  You can always improve. But that doesn’t mean you must wait for the improvement. You are a master of learning – of surrendering and being open. There are identifiable levels of attainment and accomplishment. You have attained and achieved more than enough to teach others who seek to learn what you have learned. It is time to stop waiting. Share your gifts now. You have begun, so keep going – without hesitation. There are some things you must allow to unfold, and there are very clear things for you do to. So really, there is nothing stopping you from sharing your message. There is no-one who you need to give you permission. There are just those who want to play with you and those who don’t. Find the ones who do. It’s time for you to go out and play.

Love, God


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