Friday, January 8th, 2016


Good morning God. I’m excited. I’m feeling open and expansive. I’m not fearing or resisting or dreading anything. This is a new place for me.  I think it is important to recognize where I am compared to where I was, to appreciate the value of my commitment to living with You. 

I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but I think I’ve spent my whole life dreading some things I needed to do, fearing I would fail, so resisted facing and doing what I had (chose) to do.  What is before me is not any different in the actual tasks than in the past, but what is different is that these projects came out of a deeper alignment with my Self and truth. This is what I have been seeking all my life.  Feeling on purpose, capable, confident that I can do what I need to do competently and sufficiently. I’m seeing my whole life that I judged myself to be incapable, incompetent, and insufficient and thus unable to successful.

But it was from a place of doubt and fear that I created from – creating the less than desirable results – thus the self fulfilling prophecy. But since I have been focusing on aligning with you, God – listening, doing and trusting, the outcomes are more than sufficient and what I’m creating and experiencing is miraculous! Things on the outside are different – but mostly, what is on the inside of me, is different. Thank you!

Yes! Good morning my love. You are also detaching your efforts from the outcomes so you aren’t distracted by worrying about the results of your efforts and can just focus on doing what you need to do the best that you can. When you paint from this place, you love the process of painting, and love the result. When it became a job and you needed it to sell, you began to dread it. It is not that your work won’t bring a return on your efforts, it is just that you must let your expectations go. You are seeing and feeling the results of your commitment to living with Me. Keep going!

Love, God


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