Wednesday, January 13th, 2016


Good morning God. I’m here with you.  Moving into this zone of creativity.  Feeling my heart filling with love, joy, and peace. When I first got up I started jotting some things down I didn’t want to forget.  As I look at it now, there is a different energy in it than I feel right now.  I’m glad I wrote it down, and I see it differently from here.  It needs more love infused into it, and I can do it now because I feel it now.

“Good morning my love. This zone of creativity is just another way of describing being in love – knowing love, feeling love, and creating with love. This joy and peace is all love. This is you being purely you.  And Me. And what ever you do from this place of being is infused with love. When people say to ‘do something with love’, means to focus on how (who) you are being, versus what you are doing. I love all the ways you and others point to Me (Love). The idea that you are Me is so hard to grasp for so many, as they are not ready to understand yet – and yet, this is the journey everyone is on. Through experiencing their truth and love they will ultimately remember. Everyone is on this journey to awakening! And you are here to share you journey as a light in the darkness.  You being this love is that light.

Love, God”


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