Monday, December 14th, 2015

As I have been preparing my Coaching/Teaching programs for 2016, I am making the changes I need to make now to step into even higher alignment with who I truly am.  I have three areas I’m focusing on:  higher level of health and fitness, a higher level of financial income and stability, and bringing a love relationship into me life. 

These objectives have come out of my practice of understanding what I truly want through my introspective practice. I have written about them and asked what is mine to do.  There are some things that I know that I need to do in terms of how I need to eat and exercise.  But there are many things I don’t know, so this is where the ongoing practice to listen then do what I am guided to do, and to trust. 

The greater directive has been to be the one who is creating these things, which means doing with confidence the things that will facilitate the outcomes.   The first part of this is already in place as I have put into practice my exercise and clean eating as a lifestyle versus a project.  In just a few days, I’m see positive results.

As far as the income goes, I don’t exactly know how it will manifest, but I know I just need to work on what I have in front of me and trust.  To get here I needed to face some negative thinking and attitudes and move into acceptance.  For example, I had to get beyond my “I hate traffic”, to “I accept the world as it is and appreciate the opportunity to help so many people”.  This is more than just choosing a new thought, but choosing a truer thought. 

This has been a journey to the truth which started with realizing that I had lost my self in an insane world, to going deep within to remember who I am, and then returning to the world with love, compassion, service and myself.  

God wrote to me:

“Yes!  You can have your heart, soul, love, consciousness, beautiful relationships, fulfilling work, impeccable health, financial abundance and Me. You are re-aligning it all from the place of your truth. This is the life you have come to live.

Love, God”


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