Saturday, December 12th, 2015

I’ve continued to work on my book, going back and reading the journals.  It is amazing to see what came to me when.  There are two gifts in this writing.  The first is the symbol.  God, made this squiggled line and circle, then wrote, You and I are One.  The second is the canvas journals.

8/3/03 Boulder


You and I are One

God, I’m getting images of my journals being written on very large canvases. It’s like the way for me to yell at the top of my lungs the truth of you.

“Yes, Diane – stay with these visions. You will know what is right and when it is right to start venturing out with these writings. You know you are receiving Divine wisdom. All relevant to your process and relevant to humankind’s process. You are learning and remembering the absolute necessity for the truth. It is true that you are writing this – it will be the expression of your truth that you share it. I will help you and guide you when the time is right. You are moving in the right direction. Your ability to release your fears and connection to who you believed you are and were, will open up the depths of your creativity. If you carry any worry what anyone will think of you then you will not be true – even to yourself. Give up your self importance. Stop caring. I have said this before. Speak your truth.  Write your truth. Share  your truth and you are sharing Me.

Your writing is from Me. The fact that your friend minimized it does not matter. That is why you will paint my words so many will know. You will do it in a way that will attract those that are ready to find the truth within themselves. Diane, you see the value of this knowing. You know how vitally important this truth is. You know that applying it to life means more than just manifesting personal abundance. Yes, this can easily be done – but the real power in knowing that we are all One means that we must take care of ourselves and that means everyone, starting with knowing Me. Which is you. Which is everyone. And taking care means loving everyone from a place of loving – giving what you can to everyone. This is loving Me. This is loving yourself, because there is no difference.

Love, God”

As I went through this process I realized the gift it was as it clearly showed me what I have learned, where I want to live, and what I am teaching. It was a gift in so many ways and the greatest is to see that we can know the truth of who we are, and that we can choose to be that One.

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