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10/28/02 Teo

Pyramid of the Sun.  The darkness is beginning illuminated. It is trying to keep me living in lies.  I have surrendered my life to God. The darkness has to go with this writing. I banish the darkness and fear that has kept my heart separate. But the idea of separation is a lie. I am Love.  There is no separation any more.  I am free.

Wow. Teo was a culmination of a lot of work and the final death of my old self. I took the red pill – and I am seeing. I have gained a new awareness to the “reality” underlying the dream. From that awareness I can now create my new life and “dream” from a new place that is connected with the Oneness of the Universe. In Teo I became awake. I not just understood that we are One, I now know and FEEL we are all One. I am the ocean. Natalia said I was a messenger of the ocean. Now I know that I can no longer live my life as a lone drop. I am feeling the incredible energy of the love in the universe and I renew my commitment daily to love connected to this energy – this love.  From here I know I will be sharing the love and awareness of the ocean.


The trip to Teo, was phenomenal.  We stayed at the Club Med right next to Teotihuacan, and began a journey to die to the old self, and awaken as the butterfly.  I met some wonderful people, and some who are friends to this day.  Everyone had a different experience.  I felt like I was scratching the surface of this spiritual thing, yet had several experiences beyond my normal idea of reality.  The most profound part of the experience was a ceremony involving burying a symbol of myself and attending my own funeral.  The first miracle was my real experience of letting go of all regret and guilt I held and all the expectations that I thought everyone else carried for me as a daughter, friend, employee, and citizen.  I truly felt free of my past.  The next miracle happened the next day when I went back to the location of my grave and found a beautiful flower growing on the exact spot – which I know was not there the day before.

After we finished on the last day, I walked across the grounds, very much aware of being in a different state of consciousness.  I then saw all these butterflies flitting around.  I had my camera, so I asked them if I could take their picture.  They all – about 7 of them, landed in one spot on the grass, and let me take several shots.  They all then took off and circled around me and flew away.  I know that we were communicating, and I knew that I was connecting to something greater within me.

This was profound event in my awakening journey.  The Toltec teachings are clear and yet radical.  They are accessible, but not easy to live by.  I’m realizing now that I have continued to use them and teach them to this day.

In hindsight I see that this was my initiation to living a divinely guided life.


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