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10/27/02 Teo

This morning I awoke after dreaming about Ann. Though it was not her. I think it was a composite of her. The dream showed me my victim and I was conscious of it. I’m beginning to see.


The final day at Teo was to climb the Pyramid of the Sun and emerge as the butterfly – to fly back to the Sun, to become our true Selves: One with the Source.  I was feeling some profound changes within me, as I was becoming aware of myself at a deeper level. Carol was seeing and describing visions of Teo from the time it was covered in gold and full of people in ceremony.  John was complaining nothing was happening and was frustrated and disgruntled over the whole thing.

We got up early and began to climb the stairs to start the ritual.  I knew that I was beginning to connect with my real playful self, as I found joyful humor in seeing one of the feral dogs that hung around the site begging for food, silhouetted by the sun above me.  I laughed as I had the sudden realization that we were actually climbing the pyramid to reach Dog.

At the top we all sat in a circle in deep meditation.  The interesting part of this is I felt like we were truly deep into the ceremonial reality of Teo, while at the same time surrounded by hundreds of people who were there as tourists.  For the first time in my life, I wasn’t self conscious.  At a moment in my meditation, where I was beginning to feel doubtful and a moment of darkness was beginning to enter, John began to whine: “I’ve been to a hundred workshops, I’ve meditated till my legs have gone to sleep, I’ve given up every vice and bad habit, and I’VE STILL NOT HAD ONE VISION OR HEARD ANYTHING!   WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME!?  At that moment we all burst into laughter and it brought us all (including John) back to the basic yet profound beauty and perfection of the moment (John did have his transformational experience that night by sneaking back into Teo and dancing with the moon).


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