Friday, November 13th,, 2015

Here is the next journal entry from The Year of Awakening.

10/26/02 Teo.

Today I died. I crossed the river of the dead and said goodbye to my life and my family and a few friends. When I looked at who was important I was surprised that the only ones I really wanted to see before I died was my family. I especially wanted to see my brother. I didn’t want to see Ann. I had a dream about her last night that showed me I really didn’t want to see her again. Today I died to my past. I buried Diane and had a few people attend the funeral. They drove off and I am released. There are no more expectations of me now that I am dead.

We then went to the place of water and I was cleansed by the waves. Natalie baptized me and said I was to remember the Love of Teo every time I drink.  This removed the emotions of fear.

We then went to the place of the Women. There we began the process of regaining who we really are. I hung in the womb of the earth and just thought about accepting. We then went to the water inlet (there was no real water here) where I felt the water rushing over me and I asked it to fill my hands and use my hand for the highest good. Brandt said the women wanted him to tell me that they were giving me some of their gifts. I walked around Teo alone. No thoughts, just me. We ate, heard music and laughed tonight.

Tonight I pray for more understanding. I commit my life to you, God, I know you are here at Teo. Please help me see what you want from me. If it is only for me to be happy, help me to understand that. Thank you for this transformation. I am getting close to you.  Thank you. Love, me.


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