Friday, November 20th, 2015

The influence of the Toltec teaching and don Miguel Ruiz continues today:

I’m reading don Miguel Ruiz’s new book: The Toltec Art of Life and Death.  It is reminding me of the powerful teaching that continues to be a thread in my life and work. The core being to step out of the Dream of the Planet and into the Dream of Truth of who we are.  From here everything is possible.  Today God wrote to me: 

“Die to the past in every moment of every day.  This is the place of true power and unlimited creativity. So be free to do what ever you want without any baggage from the past. Die in every moment. If all is now and all is possible, what is it you want to do – to create? If you only know your self as love and the love and power of the universe – with special gifts that are only yours to give, when what will you do? Release the past as it only contains guilt, shame, hubris or judgement (as they are just thoughts). Come into my presence and see through my eyes. 

Love, God”

I have been thinking about this post and ask “what about the good times?”. The answer I see is that from the place of love, it is all seen as good times. The good/bad versions of the story about the past is what is being released. Awareness is the appreciation of it all.



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