Friday, January 1st, 2016

Happy New year!  It has been a wonderfully creative couple of weeks. I’m starting a new 30-Day Journaling Challenge today and I am going through it with everyone.  Today I want to share what is coming together for me now:

On Christmas day, God gave me the vision of what I am bringing together next with all this work.  It is coming into form as a keynote talk, workshop, coaching program and book.  It is called: The Art of Extraordinary Success: Living in the Zone of Creative Mastery.  I was reminded of my own ability to create and that THAT is what I am to teach now.  It includes every experience of my life and is the culmination of my spiritual practice and teaching, my art and music, and my years in business and activism.  I was shown that there is no separation and that it is time to bring it out in a comprehensive message. 

The next thing that has begun is that I am now writing the new book from this zone with the Divine writing it through me as me.  This is an experience that I have so much, but now it is very conscious and deliberate.  What is flowing though is so easy and feels so true.  I’m being shown what creative mastery is. 

I’m still working on The Year of Awakening, and that will be completed, and it too will add to the story.  Lots of exciting things to co-create with God!

Here are some excerpts of the very long conversation from Christmas Day:

Good Morning God…What do I focus on?

Good morning my love.  …You know how to find out what to focus on, and you know how to create. You keep asking me, and yet you know how to do this.  You have several projects before you.  Go to work and write down your process.  This is what you need to teach. You know how to create and accomplish things.  You have been and are extraordinarily successful.  You just don’t see it that way. 

Your journaling course helps people connect into their Divine wisdom – their true self (Me).  This, you know is the first step.  Next, teach how to live there to create what they truly want, and be extraordinarily successful.  … You can teach people how to live in the zone of creative mastery.  This is what you are a master of.  This is what you are to teach now. 

This is my present to you.  You have some things to do before you, and if you use your process you will create very quickly – your books, programs, and your solar and sustainability projects.  Through all this you will be telling the world about Me (in a way they can hear it).

Love, God

Wow, Thank you!!!!

Love, Diane


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