Saturday, December 26th, 2015

I’ve been working on my book.  God is funny. I am noticing that I am at a very similar point in my life as I was in 2004.  Several possible projects before me, but nothing quite jelled.  I was doing a lot of different things, wondering if any of them would work out.  Now I see that all of them were very important for my learning, even if they didn’t become my career or ultimate project. And every one was vital for what was coming.  From here I can sometimes be a bit fearful about how things are going to work out, but if I just take a few minutes to look back, I am amazed at the perfection of the journey and become excited about what is coming.  This is a typical conversation with God then and now…

From the Year of Awakening:

From one of the points of uncertainty and indecision, God wrote to me to “just keep doing what you’re doing”.  I wrote:

God, that is moderately helpful. I would really like detailed instructions and the map to my future.

Yes, Diane, that would be nice. But that would not give you the opportunity to find the truth in your heart in every moment of every day. That is your map to the future. For even as I am you, there are infinite possibilities for your (our) future. Your experience of life is in listening (or not)  and choosing (or not) what you want to do. The consequences of your choices is the creation of your life by you. Now, this is where your dreams come in. What can you dream now that would be the greatest life for you?




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