Thursday, January 14th, 2016


Good morning God. As I’m creating my new program and talk, I’m letting go of worrying about who won’t want what I have to offer and energetically aligning with those who do and will. I have spent a lot of years around people who didn’t resonate with me to the point of feeling like – “I don’t really fit in, and that is just how the world is.”  But I know there are many who I do resonate with, and I’m now choosing to be with them.  I’m choosing, grace, ease, and love.

“Good morning my love. How does that feel?

Great – relaxed, peaceful, freeing and loving to myself.

Wonderful!  It is this easy to feel this peace and love. You just have to choose it – intend it. Decide for yourself and for the life you want. This is not selfish. This is for the greatest good for all. You are choosing to live in alignment with love. There really is nothing else to do.

Love, God”


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