Sword of Love

About 7 years ago I was out on my bike enjoying the scenery (which is where I have many of my conversations with God and others spiritual beings) when I heard a voice that I knew as the Christ Consciousness.  The voice said;  “Put down your sword.  When you hold up your sword to get what you want, you may get compliance, but you only gain distain, distrust, and fear.  It also perpetuates conflict, dishonesty and separation.  Instead, hold your sword with the blade down and stand in your true power – the power of Love.  As you engage with others say ‘I will love you no matter what’.   This is how you will elicit cooperation and communion, and heal the wounds of the past.  This is where you will experience the joy of the oneness that you are.”

As I received this message I realized that I did believe that I had to hold up a sword (energetically fight) to get what I wanted.  I could see that this the normal way that I and so many other people interacted in our society.  And I could see the image of the sword as shaming, blaming, criticizing, anger, dishonesty and fear.  As I questioned how to do this without giving everything away, I got the message that it was not about to rolling over and allowing others to take advantage of me, but for me to hold the sword as my power and the symbol of my unwavering commitment to Truth and Love.

I saw this image as the reminder to “Put down my Sword”.

Over the years I have had to continue to heal myself so I could stand up and hold the Sword of Love.  Sometimes I stand shaking and sometimes I stand strong.  But I have also seen the change in how others respond to me.  I now know that it is only through love that anything of value is created.

Right now I feel we all need to shift from our fearful (conflicted) interactions and consciously choose to stand with the Sword of Love even if it feels difficult.   I believe that each of us must do this to heal the pain of the past and find peace together now.

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