What is the Message?

As much as I have been learning from these teachings coming through me, I continue to get answers that call me to shift my perspective.  Here is one from the Canvas Journals with God.


God, what is the message that I am to bring to the world now?

Hello my love.  You are the message.  Your life is the messenger.  You might think this is backwards, but the truth is who you are being speaks louder than what you are saying.  This is why I keep inviting you to Step 1.  Connect to Source.  This is the only thing that matters.  It is the only thing that will change the world.  Now you will see who you truly are.

Love, God.

This message points to Step 1 in the 4 Steps to Divine Mastery.  God has been asking me to remember to take this Step before I do anything else and the more I remember, the miraculous life is.

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