Journey to the Soul,  My Journals with God.

“What if the answers to all of your questions were sitting right in your hands?  And all of the reasons for all your your lessons were waiting to show you its plans?  Do you hear a calling from deep in your heart, something that you’re longing for?  Can you hear the words wanting to come out.  Telling you there’s something more…”
From the new song:  “The Answers”, by Diane Dandeneau.

For many years I have been writing my prayers in my journals.  Then, about 8 years ago I started receiving the answers.    Through this conversation, I asked what I would do with all this writing, and what I heard was “you will share this writing to inspire others, but most of all you will teach everyone that they too can do this”.  This conversation has turned into my series of writing called Journey to the Soul, my Journals with God and The Canvas Journals. The first book in the series is Journey to the Soul Workbook, Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are through Journaling.   I am finishing two more books.  One is about my experience in awakening through journaling, and the other is a full color book with the actual canvases.  I am now pre-publishing The Canvas Journals in my Blog. 

Learn to Talk to God AND receive the answers – Journals with God Program.

Journey to the Soul Workbook

Are your ready to access your own truth?  I will teach you how to remember who you are and get the answers you seek in order to create the life you have come to live.   Transform your life.  All of the answers to all of your questions are sitting right in your hands.  Blessings, Diane

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