Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Good morning, God. Today, I feel a quiet peace as I bring my attention to you. It feels like this writing is shifting again.  I’m not sure where it is going.

Good morning, my love. Thank you for coming here. We are in a new place together. You have practiced and have been diligent about facing your mind and finding the truth. You have learned and grown. You don’t need me to tell you what to see or do as you are now seeing and doing what is truly yours to see and do, as you have removed your doubts that you too know. I also see you wondering ‘what now’?

It’s time to focus on your service in the world. Come to me every morning as you do so we can commune in our love and continue to hold and deepen into Divine Truth.  But there is nothing more you need to learn her now. It is time to create, share and teach. Write the book and share the chapters as your Daily Reminders.  They too are your journals with me.  And as you are seeing, I have been teaching you the same things for 13 years.  You knew this and were going this way, but I wanted to confirm this for you.  It is time to focus on creating the life in the world you want from who you are now.  Your experience will be nothing less than miraculous, and confirm everything I have taught you.

Love, God”


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Copyright, Diane Dandeneau, 2015

The Author of the upcoming book: The Year of Awakening ~ The Journey to Living a Divinely Guided Life

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