Don’t let Striving for Achievement Derail Your Accomplishments in 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, I am looking at what I accomplished and what I want to achieve in 2016. With this introspection, I am also becoming aware of the trap of focusing on achievement, versus accomplishment.

Our society holds achievers in high esteem. In fact the definition of achievement is:
Something accomplished, especially by superior ability, special effort, great courage, etc.; a great or heroic deed (

I realize that I have spent a lot of my life focusing on achievement, and I find that it is rarely attainable, especially when the person who is judging whether or not I was successful is my greatest critic (me). So achievement has been illusory and arbitrary. I can see how I have been, and so many people are, paralyzed and don’t take action because of the risk of failure. And failure, from our warped perspective (based on popular culture), is anything less than grand achievement.

But as I have been focusing on living a Divinely guided life, I have come to understand that we are here to do things – to participate in this world. We are here to create and serve. So I have shifted my focus from achievement to what I want to accomplish. This focuses on the effort instead of the result. This allows the Universe to participate and allows me to focus on what is mine to do, and what is not mine to do. When I do this, the results are usually unexpected and miraculous.

I begin with connecting deeply to the Divine truth within myself to see what I want to create, what is needed from me, and/or wants to come through me in service and joy. From here I ask: what actions are needed to bring this into form? What do I need to accomplish to bring this creation into being? I then do it and trust the outcome.

When I focus on accomplishment, I can stay task oriented, grounded and just focus on doing my best (from the Four Agreements, taught by one of my favorite teachers, don Miguel Ruiz). Here is the definition of Accomplishment:

  1. an act or instance of carrying into effect; fulfillment: the accomplishment of our desires.
  2. something done admirably or creditably: Space exploration is a major accomplishment of science.
  3. anything accomplished; deed; achievement: a career measured in a series of small accomplishments.


I have become a master of accomplishment in my life. I can say that without my ego getting to involved, as it is true. Whether or not what I have accomplished is bad, good, or considered a great achievement is irrelevant. The people I know who have truly achieved great things are those who have focused on the tasks at hand, and have gotten the job done. They have taken action, and thus have accomplished something. This is where the miracles happen.

One of the things I continue to do is help others accomplish wonderful things in their lives. Whether it is in partnership with a renewable energy business startup, or as a teacher and coach helping individuals find and unleash their intrepid creativity, I love to share the very practical tools of Divine Mastery for fulfilling accomplishment.

What are you planning to accomplish in 2016? How do you think about achievement in your life? Did this article help you? I would love to hear from you.


Diane Dandeneau

Diane Dandeneau is a startup consultant, artist, author, singer, songwriter, speaker, renewable energy specialist, and spiritual teacher. She helps people accomplish what they truly desire; creating the miraculous life they have come to live.

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