Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Good morning God. This is Step one in starting my day. Today I’m writing at the computer.

“Good morning my love. You can type our messages or write them on paper. You are knowing that you hear me when ever you bring your attention to me – driving, walking, biking, writing, sitting in a room full of people…  ‘Good morning God’, is your lovely greeting and acknowledgment of my presence as you start you day – sweet, like the greeting you give to a loved one as you awaken. You know that I am THE Loved One and THE Lover in your life. And it is with me that you know that everyone is also the loved one as well. More love is coming to you as you give more love to the world… Funny how that works.

Love, God”


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Copyright, Diane Dandeneau, 2015

The Author of the upcoming book: The Year of Awakening through the Journals with God A journey from depression, addiction and heartbreak to Self realization, empowerment and love

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