Friday, October 30th, 2015

Today, don Miguel Ruiz and his mother, Mother Sarita, returned to my life through don Miguel’s new book, The Toltec Art of Life and Death.  I begins with his heart attack and comma, which happened just a few months after I took part in a very intimate Easter Celebration weekend with don Miguel and his family, including Mother Sarita. I’m also reading this at the same time I’m transcribing my journals from that exact time in 2002. There are no coincidences. I’m being reminded of the Toltec teachings of don Miguel and deepening into the experience of living the truth as a Toltec (artist).

I suddenly realized that my book, my story, is vital and important to tell.  As I was reading about Miguel giving his mother a mission for her to focus on, I was thinking that I have been looking for a mission to focus on. I have been feeling like I’ve been moving through life with some vague ideas of what I should do, but mostly waiting for something to point me in a direction – waiting for a mission. But now I see it – the book, or more so, the story (stories). So many pieces are coming together to show me the Divinely Guided wild journey I have been on. I am feeling the energy for telling the story, and that it is time, and what I must do now. Thank you, God.

“Good Morning my love. And it will be through telling your story that you will learn the lessons even deeper. Review is always good. It will truly prepare you for what is next – of which you are seeing glimpses. You have struggled with the idea of writing a book, but it is not about the book, but the story – the experience, and what it has taught you. As I have said before, do this knowing that it will amaze others, but mostly, do it because it will amaze you!  Your life story is Divinely Guided (as is everyone’s). But the amazing part is awakening to the realizations within it. You are seeing the miracles unfold in hindsight. The next realization is to live in the awareness of the reality of your perfectly unfolding Divinely guided adventure. You had become a bit depressed and jaded again, feeling “stuck in the mud”. But this is not true. Life is never stuck. Everything is moving at its perfect and required pace. This invitation and opportunity is for you to choose your level of consciousness and even this is perfect as your are learning. It is exciting. Remember, you have come to live an exciting life!  So, let yourself have fun with it as you write The Adventures of Diane Dandeneau (no this is not the title you should use, but it is a great working title for you!).

Love, God”


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