LSL Recording 1-17-12 Agreements

Living a Sacred Life teleclass on 1-17-12 on Agreements

Here is the writing for the class from my Journals with God:

Agreements are the beautiful way that you co-create with others and the universe.  It is the yes and the no.  It is it the right or the left and it is the other who responds with agreement or disagreement.  Disagreement is beautiful as well and the power of it is most available when spoken.  Then the process of learning and consieration can take place.  The point that life breaks down is when resistance to disagreement shows up or agreement that is not from the heart is made, and resolution and ultimate agreement is thwarted.

Now look at your own level of agreement with you what you have chosen in your life.  What have you said yes to?  What does your heart want to say to you?  What is truly in alignment with your heart and what is not?

This is the great question.  Today I invite you to look at at least one agreement you have made and take it deeper.  Pick one with some energy and see what is there.  This is where the truth within you lives.

Love, God.

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