1-24-12 LSL Class Recording – Forgiveness

This is the class Recording from 1-24-12.  It is on Forgiveness.

Here is the Channeled Writing for the Class from my Journals with God that I also read on the recording.

Tonight I invite you to join me in the place of knowing the perfection in everything.  And when you understand that everything is perfect, then it is easy to accept what is.  When we accept what is, then peace is experienced.  It is in the mind where the delusion is created. A judgement is made – a resistance to what is, is put in place, then pain is introduced.  This is all within the mind and body.  The pain comes from the resistance.

There is a tool that can release you from your resistance and re-align you with acceptance, and that tool is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is a process of remembering, reframing, and releasing.  The negative energy that is held with a judging thought is poisoness only to you.  (I am now thinking – what about bad things that happen to us?) You are asking about the “bad” things.  The things in life that are harmful require healing.  These things, actions, events, must be regarded with discernment – not judgement.  You are being asked to respond, not react; heal, not hate; accept, not resent.  And if you have found yourself having judged then you can release yourself from your own prison through the process of forgiveness.

Love, God

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