The Collapse

For years I have watched the transition movement and listened in on the talk of resilience and preparing for a future of economic and environmental collapse.  I have heard many scenarios and predictions, some like the year 2000, where it happens overnight, and others that compare the US to other countries that have gone through collapse.  I absolutely believe that we live in a changing world and that we need to re-evaluate how we humans have constructed life and that changes are happening.  The main thing that I have come to believe is:  It is not what we do to prepare or respond, but who we become who are prepared and able to respond, that is important.  As I have been focusing on my personal spiritual work over the past 8 years, I have asked “what do I do?” probably thousands of times.  I never get an answer.  I have only been asked to connect to Source.  And once I do that, then the answers that I need come to me naturally.  This is the invitation that I offer you.  I have also channeled a message from the Messengers of Peace, and asked them for some insight on the question.  Below is a link to that channeled writing.  Please comment.




2 Responses to “The Collapse”

  1. Erin Schey Says:

    Diane- Great posting. I agree that the social/spiritual development and evolution of our communities is just as important as worm bins, solar panels and local food. May we find the balance in all that we are and will be.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks Erin! The other part I want to add is that I believe that life is changing. I don’t feel that the words like “crash, or “collapse”, or other fear generating language is helpful. They may be accurate descriptions of what is happening from some perspectives. But, I don’t think that it is inspiring nor helpful as it does not point to the incredible opportunity we have to create a better life that is balanced and beautiful.