Higher Ground

I am pleased to announce the release of the song Higher Ground, which I wrote with Biswas Norton, shortly after the flood.  I’m honored to have worked on this project with my CD Producer Brian Schey, and an amazing group of Lyons musicians – each of whom have had their own profound and life changing experiences with the flood.

Words by Diane Dandeneau and Biswas Norton.
Music by Diane Dandeneau
Produced by Brian Schey
Recorded at Wreckingroom Studio
Mixed by Brian McRae and Brian Schey

Diane Dandeneau, Lead vocals and 12 string guitar; Emilyn Inglis and Jesse Garland, backup vocals;  Brian Schey, Bass; Brian McRae, drums; Arthur Lee Land, 6- string banjo: Enion Pelta Tiller, 5-string violin; David Tiller, Mandolin.

I am offering the song free to everyone effected by this flood, as well as by donation for which the funds will go to either the local still displaced artists or the Lyons Community Foundation.  Enjoy!

Fill out the form below to get an email to download the song.

2014 Diane Recovrery Project- WEB LoRes-7Not pictured,  Jesse Garland.  Photo by Ed Bruder