Talk to God AND Get the Answers

What if you could have a conversation with God and discover the real truth about life? What if you had this conversation and found out that just about everything you have learned about how to be happy from family, friends, school, and society was… mistaken?

For most of my life I struggled with depression, addiction, unsuccessful careers and relationships.  I tried therapist, psychics, and 12 step programs.  One day, I stopped and yelled at God:  “What do YOU want me to do!”  To my amazement, I heard an answer and wrote it down.  For the past 12 years, the most wise and loving being has been speaking/writing to me, teaching me who and what I truly am, and what we truly are, giving me the clarity and wisdom to create a healthy and satisfying life.  Part of what I am called to do is to share what I have learned with you, but most importantly, help you discover the teacher that you have direct access to.

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