Week One Program Materials

This week begins with The Decision.

There are 3 stages to living a Divinely Guided life:  First, is the decision. Second is the cultivation. And third is the realization – the results, which are miraculous and extraordinary.  So, today, we begin at the beginning.  The decision.

Every Monday you will get a link to download of the reading and exercises for the week.  Read through it, and then think about the time you will put aside to focus on the exercises.  You will also get an email every day with a guided meditation that will help you shift your awareness and move into the zone of creative mastery, where you will then do the work. 

The recommended practice is: 

  1. Read through the weeks materials.
  2. Schedule time for your daily practice and then extended times for your exercises.
  3. Use the guided meditations to connect to Source, and deepen into your knowing (The 4 Steps you will read about).
  4. Do the exercises and journal with God.
  5. Post on the forum questions, what you are experiencing, and support for others.
  6. Enter your day from you expanded level of consciousness (the zone of creative mastery)

Download Week 1. reading and exercises HERE.


Here is a link to the Forum.

Download and then unzip them on your computer and save them on your phone.  Or listen below:

Day 2: The Decision

Day 3:  4 Steps to Divine Mastery

Day 4: Journaling

Day 5: Who are you?

Bonus track: Driving (music by Stephen Katz)