Nothing Left to Do But Love


Good morning, God. I’m grateful for my home, my town, and time with my angel boy (we had a fun Halloween parade yesterday). 

As I’m writing my book, I’m revisiting my past and seeing even more clearly the lessons of my life.  I’m feeling the shift in consciousness even more into being in love and loving, versus doing things and creating for outcome and achievement.  I’m seeing more clearly what I had experienced with my story as I write my book – as I revisit my life. I’m seeing that my depression came from my valuation and identification with pursuits and outcomes, and that the identification was the error.  I chased my art career and it was successful for a time, but ultimately crumbled.  I chased building and selling businesses and products, and in the end they too crumbled. I chased relationships that ultimately ended with great heartbreak and suffering, every time. I lived an extraordinarily adventurous life, flying hang gliders, airplanes, sailing, traveling the world with lovers and alone, taking wild risks, all with momentary and temporary highs and then lows when the adrenaline wore off. I even tried creating my “successful” spiritual coaching business, and it along with everything else that was left in my life was washed away with a flood.

So God, I came to you and asked who I am, if not any of this? And you told me, and tell me again and again, that I am You – that I am love, and that love is all there is. So, with everything else removed, I have had no other choice but listen.  I’m living this and learning a new way of being in the world from a new level of consciousness – not attached to achievement or outcome, trusting that I will be taken care of and my bills are paid. So far it’s working. Money miraculously shows up and I am guided to do what I need to do, shown were I need to go and who I am so serve.  I’m listening and loving. I’m noticing some rumblings of concern and discomfort, as I am stepping into a new way of being (AKA: the unknown). So this is where I come to You, listen and trust. 

“Good morning, my love. The lesson of this for life for you (and for many), is to awaken. You chased everything from the level of ego and looked for your value and safety in what you achieved. And you found that everything eventually crumbles. So you became depressed and disillusioned as everything you thought you should be doing and valued turned out to be temporal and ultimately insignificant. So your whole paradigm of your reality was destroyed. The final message came through a flood where you experienced complete helplessness and the realization of impermanence as you lived the reality that everything you have can and will be removed at any time. This touched you at a primal level and yet, you are still alive.

So, what do you do now? If the paradigm of the ego was in error, what’s left?  What is true? The ego says you won’t survive – that you will die. But has that happened? During the flood the thing that showed up was love and compassion and caring for each other. This is was the only thing that mattered. So as you are focusing on love and compassion, you are recreating your life from a new set of values. Your motivation and satisfaction aren’t based on temporary results but eternal truth. Love creates more love which extends more love and is what you are growing and experiencing. This is the only thing of real value and what brings ultimate joy.

Now, this does not mean you won’t create art, music, and businesses, nor have adventures and relationships. But your motivation and expectations will be refocused on how much love you are feeling through the inspiration, creation, sharing, serving and receiving. Let the value be set by love and let your self receive love through the exchange of appreciation, love, and yes, money, coming back to you. It is happening.  Keep focusing on being the love that you are, without fear. This is the expression of your choice to trust in love, and love will support you to the same degree as you trust it. Completely surrender and trust in love – which is what it means to completely surrender and trust Me.

Love, God”


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Copyright, Diane Dandeneau, 2015

The Author of the upcoming book: The Year of Awakening ~ The Journey to Living a Divinely Guided Life

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