October 31st



Good morning God.  I’m here with you.  No big question today.  I’m just happy that I get to have this time with you.  Now that I write that I realize that I say that as if someone else is letting me do it.  Yet, I am the one who is “letting” me to do this just like everything else in my life.
“Good morning my love.  I love the awareness that it is you that is making every choice in your life.  You don’t have to wait for permission or feel guilty about doing things that you want to do that are just for you.  There is more being revealed by your statement.  Thank you for showing up here with me, but what else aren’t you doing that you want to “get” to do?  It is also important to appreciate your choices.  So, get out and do what you want to do today!   
Love, God” 

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Copyright, Diane Dandeneau, 2013

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