Talk to God

Today I had a long conversation with God in my Journal and asking how I can honor the gift I have been given.  I have been writing with God in my notebooks, and have written over a hundred conversations on canvas, but cost and space has limited my writing on canvas.  So today I was drawn to my White Board and this is the message that came through…


Good morning God.  It seems strange to write on a white board, but it’s cheaper than canvas.

Hello Love, This is great.  There is energy that flows more powerfully as you write with me in this way.  I know you are still afraid to share this writing, so you feel hesitant to let this flow.  But it is the path to your healing your fear of what others think about you.  The truth is:  you talk to God (me), I talk to you, and everyone can do this.  It’s not what I say that’s important.  It’s that I talk to you and everyone who listens (or not).


Yes, share this.  Love, God. 

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