Living a God-Connected Life

Someone recently told me that I have a gift for helping people experience God-connected moments.  I was happy to hear that as this is what I love to do.  I love to help people experience the joy, peace, clarity and profound love of God in as many moments as possible.  In fact, this is  my passion, my life’s calling.  Interestingly, I find myself hesitant to say this outright.  So today I wrote about this in my Journals with God and asked “What I am afraid of?” ”How I can do this better?”  Since I‘ve learned to have a direct conversation with God through my journals, I sat down with my questions to write. This is what I received:

Yes my love.  And you do have a sense of what this is.  It is the invitation to discover Me that is not clearly being offered.  I know that many people are turned off by the idea of or even the name, God.  But this is your name for Me and you teach the true definition of God that the ancient and enlightened teachers who understood the true nature of the Divine spoke of.  Even Jesus spoke of this God when you understand the truth.  This is what I am inviting you to teach and unlock.  You help people discover who God truly is – who they truly are and that they can talk to and hear the words of God – just like you do.  From here people can discover the truth within themselves and live the full and authentic lives they have come to live.  Diane, do not shy away from Me or My name.  You are afraid people won’t find you credible, yet they long for the connection you have with Me.  This is who needs you.  Once they find ME they can find joy and understanding in everything and know what they are called to do from a whole new level of consciousness.

It is really about helping people live a God-connected life?

Yes it is.  It is about finding the real God.  The God of pure love and joy and acceptance.  This is this God that wants to come alive on this earth through everyone.  The God of judgment and fear has a lot of followers – yet that is the lie and the liar.  So it is the invitation for people to discover this other God and bring Me forth.

Diane, I am asking you to be direct with your invitation and your language.  You are inviting people to discover and know ME.  To find Me within themselves and with this discovery. To channel the power of the Universe through them, helping to realize their dreams and heal the world.  I have given you the teachings and tools to help people to find Me and transform their lives.

Make the invitation clear.  There is nothing more important and profound.  Don’t beat around the bush.  Don’t try to water down your invitation for those who are not ready to accept Me, who aren’t looking for Me.  You help people who are looking for God to find Me.  It is that simple.

Love, God.

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